Retrogradation (Vakra of A Planet)

The Meaning Of Planet Retrogression or Vakra:

Each of the planets, irrespective of whether inferior or outer reaches particular positions in its orbit, where from the point of view of on observer on Earth, the planet will slow down in its direct motion; becomes stationary in the sky, and then appear to reverse the direction of its motion in moving backwards in the sky. It is this latter motion which we call retrograde motion.

In retrogression, the planets do not actually move in reverse direction, their movements are always in one direction. Because we look at them from the Earth, they appear to retrogress. The apparent motion of a planet backwards in the zodiac is due to the motion of the earth in its orbit. The Sun and Moon are never retrograde, Rahu ( Dargon’s head) and Ketu (Dargon’s tail) are always retrograde, but all the others at various times. So long they appear to move backward in the zodiac, they are said to be in retrogression.

In the planetary racing round the Sun when the instantaneous velocity of an inferior planet is directed exactly towards earth, it is at eastern quadrature, from thence with higher and higher relative speed it approaches the inferior conjunction period, when it is nearest to earth in that cycle. Continuing on with lesser and lesser, relative speed, it reaches the western quadrature, where its instantaneous velocity is directed exactly away from earth. For a slightly shorter arc, as the earth is also advancing in the same direction, the planet appears to tread in the reverse direction on the apparently fixed arena. When earth in a similar manner overtakes any superior planet, it appears to behave similarly, and such apparent state of planets is known as retrogression, and the apparent motion of its as retrograde motion. The superior planet at opposition is nearest to earth in that cycle. The path or orbit of every planet is more of an ellipse than a circle. No two planets perform a complete revolution in the same period of time. Owing to differences in their speed, there is continual change in the zodiac as viewed from the earth, one planet overtaking and passion another, then apparently slowing, stopping and beginning to move backward.

Planets move with the same velocity. Retrogression and acceleration are only apparent phenomena, not real and are present because from the point of view of the observer, there are two concentric circles, one wider than the other. In acceleration, they appear to move faster and in retrogression they appear to move backward. That is all. There is no actual change of rate of motion in their revolution round the earth.

When a planet appears to begin to move backward in the order of the signs it is usually (but not always) denoted by an (R) marked with its degrees in the Ephemeris. When it apparently turns direct in motion, it is usually indicated by D at the date. A planet is said to be stationary when neither moving direct nor retrograde.

When you find in the Ephemeris that the longitude of any planet is increasing between one day and the next day, you may know such planet is in direct motion. If longitude decreases, the planet is retrograde.

Retrogression of planets obviously takes place once in a syndic period.

Saturn is retrograde for 140 days and stationary apprx. 5 days before & after.

Jupiter is retrograde for 120 days and stationary apprx. 5 days before & after.

Mars is retrograde for 80 days and is stationary apprx. 2 or 3 days before & after.

Venus is retrograde for 42 days and is stationary apprx. 2 days before & after.

Mercury is retrograde for 24 days and is stationary apprx. 1 day before & after.

Retro gradation or retrogression, is a condition depending upon geocentric vision and distance, the length of the period of apparent backward movement being greater, the more remote the planet happens to be. Moreover, each has its own percentage of all time in which it must necessary be found retrograding. The mean percentage is: Mercury 19.76%; Venus 7.22%; Mars 9.33%; Jupiter 30.24%; Saturn 36.39%.

How Retrograde Planets Affect You?????

About the affect of retrograde planets, we believe that the influence of benefic planet is weakened when they are retrograde. The condition of retrogradtion is contrary or inharmonious to the regular direction of actual movement in the zodiac and is in that respect evil; hence, when malefic planets are retrograde their malefic is increased. Aspects, whether radical or progressed, that are thrown to retrograde planet rob the promoter of its efficacy, what is promises falling short in actual results. Should both the planets be retrograde, the things indicated by the aspect would be deficient or disappointing; hence retrogradation is considered debility.

The effect of a planet is usually very strong when it is stationery upon the place of a radical or progressed planet or in aspect to such.

The favorable influence of a good aspect formed by a planet during retrogression is considerably debilitated and falls short of its efficacy in the good results which would otherwise be indicated.

MERCURY (R) – Vakra Buthan

People with Mercury retrograde tend to think in terms of symbols and insights, rather than facts and figures. People, places, things, are all so much more or so much less to these individuals, as they fly from apparent truth and employ a more subtle, delicate frame of reference in judgement. They may seem rather slow to others, and even may encounter difficulties in adding “2 and 2”. In the realms of abstract, higher mathematics, in psychological analysis and in the world of theory, they are often amazingly profound, creative, discovering possibilities which the more direct, obvious, practical mind overlooks. The mind functions more easily on the subconscious level; hence their insights into motivations are often uncanny and revealing. As writers, they prefer stories of atmosphere of action, character to conflict, and subtlety to the startling. As astrologers, they are often more accurate in natal analysis than in predictive work, unless an event or action is seen as a consequence of some inner motivation, rather than outward circumstances.

With Mercury retrograde, they often talk to themselves, hum little tunes and appear to woolgather. They do not always seem to hear what people say to them. This is because their conscious mind is temporarily suspended while the subconscious is busily at work receiving and sorting impressions, then arriving at conclusions. These conclusions do not motivate actions which are not always under stood immediately nor do they seem to be related to the action. Those with Mercury retrograde quite often justify their actions with reasons they grasp after the matter is included. This is fully accepted by the individual who say, in effect: “well, if there has to be a reason, this one will do as well as another”.

It is always worth-while listening to people with Mercury retrograde. Although what they say may not always apply to the matter at hand, it is enormously significant and rich in meaning when applied to the matter in its ultimate form, its symbolical and qualitative value.

VENUS (R) – Vakra Sukran

People with Venus retrograde, do not find enjoyment in the things which most people consider pleasant nor do they try to please others in the universally accepted ways. Such individuals find it hard to adjust to outward social conditions. In situations which ordinarily require tact and charm, they prefer to be blunt and truthful. In situations which require extreme candor, they often gloss over the unpleasant aspects of the matter and sidestep committing themselves. They are apt to find that their idealistic images of love, sex, marriage, childbirth are quite different from these as actually experienced. This is because Venus retrograde implies an element of narcissism and is always a bit “surprised” when called upon to give or share.

With Venus retrograde, they may tend to be fastidious about things which others do not consider important, and yet be careless and untidy in areas which mean much to the majority of peoples. Often they are intensely hygienic in personal and toilet habits, always washing their hands, changing linens and bathing. They are extremely polite, unusually attentive to grammar, spelling and word pronunciations, but may then sit down and write an unintelligible “beatnik” novel. The real motivation of retrograde Venus is the exposure of sham. There is great sensitivity to what is “phony” in social expression causing the native to like people others detest, and loathe to those who make the “society columns” and are “pillars of the church” but whose private lives leave much to be desired.

Venus retrograde sometimes inclines people toward unconventional love expression, motivated by the sub conscious desire to expose the hypocrisy implicit in the Puritan ethic, or it may cause people to renounce physical love entirely and retreat into the religious life. Quite often there is an intense creative urge. Artists, musicians, poets, dress designers and dancers frequently have Venus retrograde. They often meet with lack of appreciation and understanding, with the talents lying unnoticed until a succeeding generation recognizes the genius a preceding one ignored.

All retrograde planets should be studied in the light of Wordsworth’s line: “The child is father to the man “. This is particularly true of Venus retrograde, for what is frowned upon today, becomes the fashion of tomorrow, and what society crucifies in one generation, and is worshipped by the next. People with Venus retrograde should remember that what pleases them but draws censure today, will become tomorrow’s “fad”. They should therefore spend less time in masochistic enjoyment of the social ostracism they attract by their creative and social extremism performed in the name of love or art. Though people with Venus retrograde may renounce love for religion, they become quite ceremonious and ritualistic in observing the latter, and those who renounce the spirit for the flesh tend to make a religious rite of their excesses.

MARS ( R ) – Vakra Sevai

With, Mars retrograde, the physical energy and vitality never rise to meet an obvious challenge. We find instead that action takes place only when triggered by some subconscious motivation completely unrelated to the act itself. A retrograde Mars may be described as being like a person who feels angry, frustrated, or in extreme cases, with no apparent reason dashes forth to plunge a knife into a passer-by. In its more constructive aspects, those with Mars retrograde, in pursuit of some ideal, may build great cathedrals or railroad networks on the way. Mars is the planet of action as such and, when retrograde, implies a stubborn, unyielding physical force which does not move until some mystical reasons is found for its expression.

It is often the key to impotence and frigidity, in men and women whose physical forces are not unlocked until implemented by some nonrelated idea or ideal. The lift handed pitcher, the humanitarian who forgets his own family’s needs and the communist who would disintegrate with the fall of capitalism are all implicitly symbolic of the retrograde Mars, which requires a counterirritant or “food supplement” in order to function competently. A retrograde Mars is like a spectator at a football game, who does not participate physically, but has a much clearer idea of what is going on than the players because his perspective is enhanced by separation. For this reason, people with Mars retrograde often stop in the middle of a project to recapitulate.

The often make good scientists and doctors. They also succeed in other occupations which require handling of physical material in an objective, noninvolved way. They are very good at planning and organizing the physical labours of others, though their own accomplishments are often either the side-effects of their thoughts or develop quite differently.

Since subconsciously, Mars retrograde natives are always “ on strike,” they should not let themselves fall into the habit of feeling they are being imposed upon or led into “forced labour” when merely being required to do a normal amount of work. Physical activity to these individuals involves an image of pain or effort; hence they frequently rebel against their own desires, try to stifle them, preferring to act, when they have to, against tremendous odds, subconsciously seeking an excuse for the failure they anticipate.

JUPITER ( R ) – Vakra Guru

People with Jupiter retrograde often find success in the failure of others. They start at the point where others become discouraged, and have a unique ability for finding the gold of opportunity in projects which have been abandoned. They are people who revive failing companies, uncover hidden assets and are always a bit surprised, at times disappointed, when opportunities work out with ease. They prefer to bargain, dicker and employ indirect, subtle psychological warfare methods in reaching their material goals. They do not respond with enthusiasm to obvious opportunities for gain, but become immediately alert for profits to be derived from situations which look unpromising to the experts. They may regard with dubious eye reliable investment, but plunge in speculative uranium miners, often bringing off an amazing coup.

Because their foresight is entirely subjective, they seem out of step with the times. They predict disasters where others see success, and vice-versa. Because their opportunism is so closely allied with their subconscious intuitive awareness, they are ultimately vindicated, though they may wait longer for the results. They are especially good in situations which involve an unknown element, a change factor. Where facts are absent, the subconscious forces of retrograde Jupiter assume control. The flexibility which is possible due to the unknown element becomes the key to success.

SATURN ( R ) – Vakra Sani

With Saturn retrograde, there is a need to be on guard against a subconscious defeatism which undermines their most noble ambitions. Because of this self-protective fear motivation, which makes them roll into a ball like a potato bug when touched, they tend to yield too easily to external influences. They either appear shy, uneasy, introverted, lacking in self assertion or attempt at times to cover their insecurity with a cloak of arrogance, like a person trying to convince himself of his worth, as well as his audience.

They have a strong sense that fate, some universal compelling force, controls their destiny. They feel alone, isolated, separated from their fellow men and seldom understood. There may be an apparent super-sophistication about them, an air of total boredom, an impression that nothing could shock them, stemming from the fact that they really worry about being a bore and wish to conceal the fact that they are, indeed, shock able.

Retrograde planets always imply all element of naiveté. In Saturn’s case, it reflects a nature which really does not know itself, does not recognize any personal qualities of worth; therefore tries to be all thing to all people or nothing to anyone. People with Saturn retrograde do not like to be stripped of the mask they wear in public, for they sub-consciously fear there is no face behind the mask. In its more constructive manifestation, they find security in intellectual or spiritual havens. Then they adjust to material vicissitudes with astonishing ease, sub consciously realizing that what seems real is not and that passive acceptance can become a positive force when applied to the spiritual plane, attracting the inner security they seek.


When benefic planets retrograde will bestow kingdom and wealth, while malefic in the same condition will cause evil and loss. During the Dasa of a planet that is retrograde, there will be fall in position, loss of honour decline in happiness.

My observation about retrogression is that the planet becomes strong to give its results profusely and such results will be quite favourable if it is well disposed with a good Adhipatya (lordship) and gentle aspect. Even then there will be some unusual features noticeable in the results. For instances normally Saturn is prone to give an aged wife and if he is retrograde he gives a pretty old wife. Just like this, I consider that one has to build up results.

One more peculiarity about retrogression seems to be that there will be something strange, unusual or perverse in the results however well disposed otherwise. On the other hand, if the planet is in exaltation, this kind of effect will be absent. Hence, my view is that the results of retrogression should not be equated with those of exaltation.

If a planet retrograde in depression signs the baneful effect is augmented but retrogression in exaltation sign increases the beneficial results though in the results either way there is something uncommon.

My observation is that in Gochara (transit), a retrograde planet does not give desired results. In a good Gochara obstruction and worry are caused by retrograde planets and a bad Gochara of retrograde planets caused acute misery.

In Horary (Prasana) Astrology, if a planet retrogrades in the 7th house, the querent gone out of station will return, if the query is about the return and in regard to query about sickness, a retrograde planet in 6th causes recovery.

In Mundande Astrology, retrograde planets often upset the markets and there is often scarcity of commodities and rain.

Turning to stationary positions of planets, I could consider that it is of absolute necessity to note this in Genethliacal astrology, because such planets often bring to stand still the affairs relating to the houses owned by them and also obstruct their own significances.