Astrology And Astrological Moon

By R.K. Eashvar Pillai.

To many people the word Astrology merely stands for one of the many doubtful superstitious practices which come down to us from past ages; whereas, in fact, Astrology is the mathematical application of proved laws – laws which are no less valid than those of the complementary sciences of Palmistry and Numerology.

All sciences rest upon a very simple basis. Facts are painstakingly collected, experiments are based thereon, and deductions are made from the collected data. This same process obtains in chemistry, physics, biology and all other sciences. Once a given “law” has been established, the chemist is able to “predict” – if you like to put it that way – just what will happen in a given instance. The Astrologer works upon exactly the same method. He and his kind have found that if, for instance, the planet Mars be near the eastern horizon at the exact time and place of birth, the individual then born will be muscular, headstrong, combative, and energetic. In other words, certain known phenomena in the heavens are coincident with, or related to, certain corresponding phenomena on the earth.

How, or why this should be, is not known. The simple facts remain, and can be proved by anybody with a little mathematical and astrological knowledge and an “Ephemeris for their year of birth. The basic facts of Astrology have never been disproved. But it must be remembered that the predictions made by the Astrologer are no more “occult” than the chemist’s experiment previously related. Both are based on the assumption that “Law rules the Universe,” an assumption universally accepted.

It is claimed by the student of Astrology that as regards the individual human being there is a connection between that which is born and the planets at the time, hence much can be learned from the heavens concerning the individual. All living mankind can be grouped into twelve great classes, according to the month in which they were born. True, widely different folk are born in one and the same month. But if twenty people born between the 1st and 20th of January were analyzed carefully, it would be found that, however different their superficial characteristics, they were all of similar mould, similar deep down at heart. Under the veneer due to their education, environment, social position, degree of mental development, etc., they would have certain basic and comman qualities in comman.

I have therefore gathered up the fruits of much observation and experience, and incorporated them in a series of Readings for the various months on the following pages. These generalities of character and fortune will be found, in the main, uncannily accurate. The descriptions will not cover all the qualities of every individual, and may at times be wrong in detail. Allowing for this inevitable percentage of error due to the individual case they will be found a reliable guide. The finer shades of character, the manifestation of genius, special ability, abnormal or subnormal qualities of mind or emotional nature, can be judged only from the individual horoscope. This depends upon the hour date and place of birth of the individual concerned. The erection and judgment of a horoscope involves recourse to personal study or a professional Astrologer.

Concerning The Moon

From the dawn of history the Moon has played a most important part in the Life of the human race. Her changing orb has served as a time-measure, an infallible calendar in Nature, ever since men have intelligently marked the flight of time. Reference to the Bible, or the sacred books of all times and nations, reveals the importance attached to the Lunar phases in ceremonial religion. The movable feasts of our own Church depend year by year upon the Lunar Phases.

We know that at the Full Moon animals, birds and reptiles are very much more on the move than they are during the rest of the moon’s alternation. We know well enough that the ebb and flow of the tides is partly due to the pull of the moon – wherever “men go down to the sea in ships” they must heed her times and seasons.

We know of the traditional connection between the conditions of the mentally unstable and moon’s changes. We know of the peculiar hallucinations which are produced by exposure to tropical moonlight during sleep. We can trace the obvious and absolute correspondence between certain feminine functions and the lunar cycle of 28 days.

Men who have studied natural phenomena in every age have credited the moon with an influence upon vegetable life, upon animal function, upon psychic activity in human brings. The theories of the old-time alchemists have survived many centuries of materialism, to be finally rediscovered and proved true in essentials by the modern chemist and physicist. In the same way, the teachings of the old time Astrologers concerning Lunar influence will be re-established by the enlightened Science of to-morrow.

At the moment we are concerned with the significance of the lunar influence, and lunar phases, in everyday life. All nature is assumed to be in a state of vibration, alternation, pulsation. In the human body, the muscles of the heart alternately contract and expand, pumping blood from the veins and forcing it through the arteries. The lungs inhale and exhale. The man wakes and sleeps works and rests. Winter follows summer. The very poles swing round in an age long cycle.

Now, in a sense, the changing moon at once symbolizes and presides over the various pulsations in the life activity of the globe on which we live- the earth.

This pulsation, or ebb and flow of the life currents of the earth, occurs more or less every thirty days. The outward or positive pulsation occurs during the fourteen to fifteen days when moon is increasing in light – i.e. from the time of the New Moon to the time of the Full Moon. The compensating or negative pulsation is set up by the moon’s decrease – from the time of the Full Moon to that of the New Moon via the Last Quarter.

The Influence Of The Lunar Changes

The period during which the moon waxes, its increase, the first half of the Lunar month, is a period favorable to growth or expansion either material or spiritual. The period in which the moon wanes, its decrease, is a period unfavorable to growth or expansion; it corresponds to in drawing, lessening, and decay – on all planets. Both periods, said the old Astrologers, have their uses to mankind. Thus any activity which calls for the maximum possible growth and expansion should be commenced during the increase of the moon; sowing and planting, travel the undertaking of any new venture, animal conception, investment, and inauguration of personal relationships.

Similarly, activities of a negative kind – reaping crops, extermination of pests, either animal, vegetable or parasitic, surgical excision of morbid growths, etc – should be undertaken during the decrease of the moon.

Various Concerns, Occasions, Undertakings, Activities And Interests Which Fall Under The Rule of Each Planet


Travel, transport and communication of every kind; writing, television, radio, figuring, advertising, journalism, public speaking, education, and ll things that concern the young.


Love, courtship, mating, marriage, art, music, decoration, dress, entertaining, holidays, dancing, gambling, peacemaking, pleasure of every kind, healing , social occasions of every kind, almsgiving.


Sports, games, hunting, fighting, wrestling, all that requires force, and strong and prompt action: mechanical work, stunting, surgery, public agitations and movements.


Business and trading of every kind, investments, banking and dealing with bank officials; religious ceremonies and functions, seeking favours, settlements in litigation, ceremonial and philanthropic occasions of every kind where it is desired to help others and incidentally help one’s self.


Deep study, concentration, exact and just reasoning, mining, dealing in property and real estate, farming and gardening, drawing, mathematics, occasions requiring an absolutely balanced and unemotional state of mind.


Everything advanced inventions, research, occultism, astrology, telepathy, idealistic movements, photography, wireless, aviation, electrical study and research. Intense and concentrated effort which is chiefly mental.


Sea travel, bathing, sensuous pleasures, inspiration, spiritual experiences, premonitions, spiritualistic sittings, higher forms of music and art, divination of every kind.