Profession And Finance

By R.K. Eashvar Pillai

Money..... Money..... Money.....

God Lakshmi (The Money and Money Power):

The common link between philosophy and astrology is the concept of Trinity. The divine trinity comprise of Lord Brahma, the creator, Lord Vishnu, the sustainer/developer and Lord Shiva, the destroyer. In a horoscope, there are 4 Trikone – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Dharma Trikone is made up of 1, 5 & 9th houses and fiery signs- Aries, Leo & Sagittarius denoting Agni Tatwa. Artha Trikone consists of 2, 6 & 10th houses including Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn signs of Prithvi Tatwa. Kama Trikone is made up of 3, 7 & 11th houses and Airy signs Gemini, Libra & Aquarius of Vayu Tatwa. Moksha Trikone is Made up of 4,8 & 12th houses and Watery sings Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces of Appu (Neer) Tatwa.

Again based on their movability the 12 sings are put in 3 categories – Movable including Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn; fixed comprising Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius; and dual to include Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces. It is interesting to note that each category include one sing of each Trikone. The human life is sustained and revolves around Artha Trikone, as the four Ashram- Brahcharya, Grahastha, Vaanprastha and Sanyasa, are sustained by Grahastha ashram only.

As per mythology, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. The work Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word Lakshya, which means aim or goal. Lakshmi or money will come to all those who have a clear aim or goal and strive to achieve it with full zest and sincerity as clear as the single focus of Arjuna, the great Pandava.

Venus, a benefic planet, rules over material comfort, luxury and comfort. Also Friday comes from Freia, the Viking goddess of fertility.

The Artha or fortune comprises of land, property, all lovable, beautiful & comfort giving things/objects and a status in the society. An easy instrument to own or exchange or enjoy these things in modern times is called "Money".

Money is cynosure of all eyes and beyond doubt the most sought after item. It is the nectar of life, ever stimulating tonic of energy & vitality and quintessence of name, fame & prosperity. In this millennium, the enchanting spell of money is so great that people may throw away all religion, caste, creed, nationality etc in its whirlpool. Throughout the universe people might chant "Money, money, money; there is nothing sweeter, brighter or holier than money" and ignore all religious, spiritual or saintly advice.

From time immemorial people realized the value of money power. People without money live a life of suffering and penury-unsung, unwept, unhonoured in life as well as in death. Poverty is a curse that causes hunger, deprivation, humiliation, subjugation and many a times degradation of basic human values. Without money, nothing can be achieved in life. On the other hand riches automatically give many blessings- social status, objects of luxuries and acquisition of all types of novelties, comforts, opportunities, prestige, power and fame. Therefore since the beginning of civilization, men have always tries to earn and accumulate more and more money. In fact money can buy anything/everything in life except mental happiness and good health.

Riches are born if obtained by fair means and spent on honorable purposes. But this is generally an exception, for more money is generated through foul/dubious means than by fair ones. Nevertheless money is money and whoever possesses money is worshipped and gets a high status in the society. Money covers almost all shortcomings and weaknesses and brings out unknown qualities of its owner. Numerous friends & relations always flock around and praise him.

Some Classical thoughts:

  1. Saint Valmiki in Ramayana has said:
  2. Guru Vashistha explains to Lord Rama that in this world. Wealth is the most important thing. There is not much of the difference between a poor and a dead person. A wealthy man seeking after Dharma and prosperity will succeed at all cost but a poor man hunting after prosperity will find it difficult to attain.

  3. In Mahabhart, Sage Vyas has written:
  4. O King! Through money one attains Dharma, Kama and Moksha. Even day-to day life in this world is not possible without money.

  5. The great Diplomat and Economist Chanakya has said:
  6. The root of happiness is Dharma and root of Dharma is wealth. The motive of action is money which bestows Dharma and Kama. At another place he has said that, one who has wealth, has friend; has relations, he only is considered as a man and he only lives.

    Poverty is the greatest curse of life on this earth.


In Indian Philosophy, profession is regarded as a Goddess – I salute the goddess who resides in all beings as Profession.

Money is essential for sustaining life and is represented by Goddess Lakshmi. Profession is essentially the regular flow of income to sustain life. But Regular income from rent/interest can not be termed as profession. Use of knowledge, skill, art and ability of a native in his economical activities could be called his profession. But accumulation of wealth by a cheat, cunning, unscrupulous, or notorious person by dubious means at the expenses of others should not be called profession. Probably earning regular income by creative activities utilizing his talents for the general welfare of the society/nation should be called Profession.

Notwithstanding above, some of the most ancient professions or means of livelihood have been prostitution, thieving, dacoit and extortion, eclipsing the noble ways of profession. In present age earning money has become the prime consideration and the end justifies the means. People do not hesitate to kill or decimate others if it suits their purpose. In India out of compulsion, even begging has become a profession.

The horoscope of a person is believed to be the balance carried forward in to this life from the previous birth. In other words, previous existence is believed to be the cause and the present life is its effect which unfolds slowly but steadily, making sure that no one escapes the universal law of Karma. Cancer is zenith of success, respect and goodness. More the planet in it better it will be. Its opposite Capricorn is conversely the rock bottom of insult, injury, failure, ridicule, shame, censure, setback etc., The more the planets in it worse will be the result for financial prosperity and fame. All the 12 houses of a horoscope have a divine purpose to perform and as far as money matters are concerned, they indicate as under:

First House:

Name, fame , prosperity, livelihood and proficiency

Second House:

Acquisition of wealth, attitude towards savings, gold & gems, family & family business, scholarship and speech.

Third House:

House of courage, younger co-born communication, short travels, neighbor, mental inclination, handicraft, journalism, publishing, hobbies, services & entrepreneurship.

Fourth House:

Mother, education, medicine, property, vehicles, comforts, agriculture, forestry, dairy, marine services and mental peace. Any planet in this house directly aspect 10th house.

Fifth House:

Poorva punya, entertainment, wisdom, technology, great deeds, counseling, speculation, and creativity. Being 9th from 9th, it is secondary house of luck.

Sixth House:

Competition, service, litigation, disease, theft and debt.

Seventh House:

Spouse, partner, opponent, foreign settlement, public relations, commercial activities, diplomacy & sexual desires. Being 10th from 10th and 4th from 4th, it is secondary house of profession and happiness.

Eighth House:

Obstacles, death, inheritance, windfall and unearned income, dowry, under ground wealth, minerals and loss from debts. But it has many negative influences on profession.

Ninth House:

Luck, wealth, father, long journey, law, justice, pilgrimage and being 5th from 5th higher education.

Tenth House:

Profession, power, ambition, fame, trade and karma.

Eleventh House:

All types of gains, nature of income, fulfillment of desires, elder brother and friends.

Twelfth House:

Investments, mode of & job connected with expenditure, jail, hospitalization and loss, repayment of debt, living abroad.

Some Important Points to Judge the Profession and Finance:

  1. Vishnu and Lakshmi Sthanas
  2. Janana and Moon Lagna
  3. Artha Trikone
  4. Upachaya Houses
  5. Primary and secondary houses of wealth
  6. Trika Houses
  7. Indu Lagna
  8. Yogkaraka planet
  9. Fortuna
  10. Aruda Bhava
  11. Strength of a House / Bhave
  12. Weakness of a house/ bhava
  13. Bhavate Bhavam
  14. Planets Conjunction and aspects
  15. Dasha


In today/s materialistic world, Money is the only living god. Almost everyone crave to earn and accumulate more and more money without thinking about the means to get it. Money gives native every thing one can hope for in the world-name, fame, status, power, comforts & pleasures. Every human sill/trait has become part and parcel of money generating schemes and has established a firm place in the trade and commerce.

Naturally people’s curiosity and inquisitiveness grew more in the quest for future financial prosperity / adversity, and this psyche has led them to consult competent astrologers. Astrology indicates auspicious periods when one can fully exploit the situation to one’s progress through financial turbulence with least mental disturbance. Successful prediction depends upon three factors, viz. a good knowledge & intuitive capacity of the astrologer, the Divine grace and the luck of the native and the astrologer.