The 12 Rashis

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General Characteristics

Persons born under this sign are not meant ot work under anybody else. To be completely happy you should be as independent in action as possible, for you have the marks of the leader or the trail blazer. Success, when it comes to you, will arouse the admiration of all those about you, for it will represent no ordinary achievement. On the other hand you will have to learn a great deal about self-control if you are to achieve everything you set out to accomplish. Your boundless energy and enthusiasm, for which you will always be so much admired, will have to be held in check or it will lead you to undertake too many things at one time. You will always be tempted to rush eagerly into some new line of activity before you have made really satisfactory progress in the work you are already doing. Probably the hardest thing you will ever have to learn is to take advice without becoming angry and resentful. Courageous and impetuous, you will always be the first to champion a new cause oftentimes without giving it sufficient careful consideration. For that reason you may expect to make many blunders and mistakes. You can avoid some of these if you will always remember to "look before you leap".

This last piece of advice is especially noteworthy in matters of love. Never, under any circumstances, should you consider an elopement. With some other types as elopement might turn out all right, but in your case it will nine times out of ten be ill-advised, since you are always going to be one who acts in haste and repents at leisure. Every time you fall in love-and it will be often-you are going to think it is the great, enduring passion of your life. You will be ready to sacrifice everything for it-and like as not in six weeks’ time you will not only be bored, but will be looking for some new romantic adventure. For this reason you should not marry until after a fairly long engagement. If after a year you fing that your devotion is still as intense as ever, you may be sure that your have found the right person. In that event your marriage will be not only happy but exciting and one that will never grow stable.

You will probably do a great deal of traveling during your life and will meet many kinds of people. You will be popular and will make friends easily. However, if you want to keep them and avoid a lot of sorrow for yourself, you will have to learn to control your temper and your tendency to "boss" people. Even friendship will not last if you allow your instincts in this direction to get out of hand

As has been indicated, politics, business or the arts will be suited to your temperament-anything in which you have a chance to shine by yourself. Do not attempt to enter in business partnerships of any sort, for co-operation is one of the things that will not come easy for you. You will have to guard against working too hard, and must learn to relax and take things easy.

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General Characteristics

Your life is going to result in constructive achievement which will win the admiration and praise of your fellows. There is very little to prevent you from being a success in your chosen line of work, for you are never going to let obstacles defeat you, and you are always going to find a way out of every difficulty. You will achieve happiness and contentment through determined and persistent effort, and you will have a reputation for wisdom and stability which will win you promotions and continual advancement. When your community wants to get something accomplished, you will be one of the first on whom it will call.

You will be happiest when you are doing some sort of creative work, such as building houses and bridges or developing a business, or – if you are a women-in making a home and raising a family. Your interest in efficiency may also express itself in the arts, where you will be noted as a fine craftsman or a very conscientious performer.

You will make close friendships easily and you will enjoy many of them. Even strangers will recognize in you the traits of sympathy and understanding and will often turn to you for advice or help. One thing you must learn to do is to be more expressive of your feelings, otherwise even your friends and loved ones may wrongly accuse you at times of coldness or indifference.

Obstinacy will probably be your, worst fault, and this will show itself in a number of unusual ways. One way will be your refusal to accept the changes in your daily life which will surely come as science and invention make new contributions to progress. You will always want to insist that the old way of doing things is better, and you will have to keep this viewpoint under control if you want to remain up-to-date. You will have to be on guard, too about becoming prejudiced without taking the trouble to study all the facts in a given case. This might even harm your chances of success is some instances, so it is worth keeping in mind.

In general you will enjoy very good health, but you will have to watch out not to overeat or drink to excess, for you will always be fond of good food and will usually find yourself financially able to gratify your tastes. You should always take plenty of exercise and get out in the open as much as possible.

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General Characteristics

You are going to find that a number of differing lines of work appeal to you and you are going to want to undertake almost all of them at the same time, for you will easily become bored with just a single job. Your greatest problem will be learning to concentrate your energies and to control your enthusiasm, which will always be driving you ahead and leading you to rush headlong into a new venture without first weighing all the facts carefully.

Failure for you will never come because of a lack of talent or ability; if you do not make a success of your life it will be because you can’t decide on what you want to specialize in, and since this is an age of specialists, you would be wise in starting right now to make up your mind which career you will be happiest in and then to stick to your decision.

Anything which calls for an alert mind will be suited to your tastes, and it would be better for you to pick some sort of professional work than a business career, for the latter often involves a lot of humdrum detail for which you are likely to have little patience. You will be happy in anything connected with science or the arts, and you are likely to shine in a position that calls for oratorical skill.

In matters of love you will be very changeable and sensitive. There is a danger that you will be accused of being fickle, and you may be tempted to blame your own whimsical changes of heart on the imagined slights and neglects of the other party. Thus if you wish to have a happy marriage, you will have to concentrate on making it happy, just as you will have to concentrate on everything else in life that you want to make a success of. Guard against being too easily irritated by trifles. Although you will get over your quick bursts of temper in a very short time, another person whom you have offended and who has a less changeable temperament may not forget so easily.

The rash word spoken in haste will too often be your undoing, both in matters of love and in friendships. You must learn to understand how your many-sided disposition works, or you will never realize why it is that people will so often misunderstand you and take offense at things you do.

One of the best outlets for your restlessness will be in taking up hobbies. If you feel you simply must have a change, take up a new hobby. In the long run this will be more sensible than constantly shifting from one job to another on the slightest pretext. You will make money easily and lose it just as quickly, so you will be wise to find some friend whose opinions you can trust and to allow yourself to be guided by him or her in major decisions in your life. This will not be hard to do, for your are going to have many friends who will be genuinely concerned with your welfare.

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General Characteristics

All your life you are going to worry entirely too much about what other people think of you. You are going to waste precious time looking for hidden meanings in casual remarks. It is something you ought to strive against with all your might, for in the first place it is never going to be possible for you to please everybody, and second, you are going to have far more friends than enemies.

You should learn to keep your emotions in control as much as possible for your own peace of mind. Strangely enough, though you will often be plagued with self-doubt and shyness, others will place great confidence in you and will come to you for help in making their decisions. You will be much more sure of yourself when advising someone else about the proper course of action to take than when you are trying to make a decision for yourself. If you can only learn to look at your own problems as calmly and wisely as you do the problems of others, you may go far in the world, for in the main you will know what is the right thing to do. Remember to have faith in yourself, and half your battles will have been won at the start.

As has been indicated, you will have many friends and in matters of love you will give and will receive deep and loyal affection. When you feel fits of moodiness coming on, you should seek the company of those who are dear to you, for in them you will find a source of strength, and their companionship will help dispel the baseless fears and anxieties which will sweep over you from time to time. In your business or professional life you should pick a career which brings you into contact with people and activity. Although your instincts may suggest a hermit’s life and a occupation that permits a certain amount of solitude, this will not be good for you, since what you need most in life is to develop your social side and to learn to come out of your shell. With the proper surroundings you may learn to overcome many of your retiring traits and take full advantage of the very capable and admirable nature which is yours.

Any career which calls for judgment and understanding sympathy for the trails and tribulations of mankind will be suited to you for your will always be able to put yourself in the other fellow’s shoes and see his point of view. Travel will be good for you, but you should plan to marry and settle down eventually in a home that will be your refuge and castle. You should never marry except for love, for without it all the riches in the world will not make you contented. Your health will be good if you do not worry too much.

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General Characteristics

Under this sign are born persons to who the world looks naturally for leadership and guidance. One of you greatest assets is your ability to inspire confidence in strangers who come in contact with you, and if you learn how to use this trait wisely, it should lead you to a position of prominence and affluence. You are likely to rise rapidly in a time of great national emergency when courage and enthusiasm in the face of overwhelming obstacles will be especially sought after.

The only factor which may imperil your chance of success will be your inability to realize that all people are not guided by the same high-minded motives as you are. Since you will be the first to give credit where credit is due, you will not always recognize flattery for what it is, for you will assure that praise is given to you as you give it to others; in recognition of genuine merit. Thus it may happen that you will place trust in a person who is only trying to lead you on to his own advantage. In this way you may be misguided and receive unsound advice. To put it briefly, you must be on your guard against the yes-man, who will agree with you even when you are in the wrong simply because he is anxious to obtain favors from you.

One other trait which, if allowed to go unchecked, may spoil some of your friendships is a tendency to domineer. It is to be expected that you will dominate and hold positions of authority, but you must cultivate tact in you daily life, remembering that people are more easily led than they are driven. By using diplomacy you will always be able to have your way, which will usually be the wisest course of action.

In business, industry, politics or trade you will inevitably rise to an executive position, with wealth and honors heaped upon you. You will never be guilty of having trivial love affairs or shallow friendships. You will be assured of a happy and successful marriage if you always remember to consider the feeling of those close to you. Shun any sort of domestic quarrel, for when angered you may say things that you will live to regret deeply. With your children you must guard against being too strict.

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General Characteristics

Whatever else your life may bring it is very probable that you will spend your old age in contentment and peace, surrounded by material comforts of every description, for no one will ever be able to accuse you of having wasted your life. Through careful and diligent work you are going to build up a modest fortune, and though you may never create a sensation in the world because of the brilliance of you accomplishments, still you will never have regrets about what you have done. Nor should this be taken to mean that you have no chance of achieving fame and fortune; there is nothing to prevent you from becoming famous. However, if you do, it will be entirely as a result of your own painstaking and ceaseless efforts. Great fame will never come to you by accident, as if often does to others. You will earn it the hard way.

Your temperament is such that you will achieve your greatest success in some occupation which requires patient and faithful attention to details. Any sort of office work of a clerical nature; accounting, laboratory research in physics or chemistry, statistical estimates- in general these are the types of work in which you probably will find the greatest satisfaction. And as everyone knows, it is the plodding laboratory scientist who often unearths one of the great discoveries of the age and so climbs to fame. Thus it cannot be said that your life will be monotonous or devoid of any great interest.

You must learn to cultivate tact in your dealings with others, for too often you are going to be inclined to be overly critical. In many instances your judgment will be the correct one, but unless you are more considerate of the feelings of those about you, the way in which you state your opinions will offend people and hinder you in accomplishing what your have set out to do. A sense of humor will help you to understand the failings or people and will often carry you much further than the plain logic of your arguments. You must learn to forgive shortcomings when you wee them and strive for a more tolerant and easy going attitude about life in general.

It would be wise for you to marry early in life before you become too set in your ways. Though you may never be a very romantic lover, you will make a very fine helpmate, and your marriage should be happy and successful because it will be based on a solid foundation of worth. If you are a man you will be a good provider; if you are a woman you will make a excellent housewife. For complete happiness in marriage you should not insist on having you own way all the time.

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General Characteristics

You are blessed with one of those rare gifts which should smooth out the path leading to success in whatever field of endeavor you should become interested in. you are always going to be able to get along with people easily. No matter what chance may bring in your life, you will have no difficulty in meeting strangers and making the proper impression on them. Not only will this faculty help you in making many friendships and keeping them, but it will also improve your chances for advancement in business or the professions and will eliminate many obstacles which might confront a different type of person. For this reason you should make a very good executive or manager who has many persons working under him.

Whenever you want something, never listen to the advice of friends ( regardless of how well meaning they may be) who may tell you that you should use force to obtain your ends. You will succeed much better by persuasion and reason. Many persons who cannot be budged in their opinions when browbeaten will listen to your arguments and wind up by agreeing to do as you wish. Thus you are well fitted for certain types of business, the legal profession, salesmanship, or education. Just remember to be yourself and follow your own instincts when confronted with a problem involving dealings with persons who may be opposed to you. If you don’t try to scheme or bluster you will win every time, even though at the outset it looks as if you could not possibly succeed.

In matters of love, however, you will always have to remember that the emotions and not the reason are the source of people’s actions. Many times it will seem to you that you have every logical argument for doing something and will be unable to understand why your partner demands all of your affections and will resent bitterly a tendency which you will have to show deep interest in others of the opposite sex. You may be accused of fickleness, and you in your part will resent this, attempting to argue that your can have more than one love interest in life without being faithless. If you insist upon this attitude you may bring sorrow to yourself.

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General Characteristics

There will be noting tame or dull about your life. You were born to fight hard, to love deeply, to hate bitterly and to live at top speed. Though your life will seldom lack excitement it will not always be a happy one, and unless you guard against the overdevelopment of certain traits, it may end unhappily.

First of all you will have to become master of you temper. If you do not, you will quarrel frequently not only with your associates in daily affairs but with those you love. You are capable of violent hates which, if allowed to run unchecked, will sour your views on life and rob you of happiness and peace of mind. You may spoil your chances of success by flying off the handle or through sheer stubbornness and refusal to listen to reason. You must not give way to suspicions or jealously, and the desire for vengeance may lead you to rash acts which will recoil to your disadvantage.

If you will only learn to control this temperament, you will be able to direct the force of your personality into many useful channels which will lead you to ultimate success. No one will ever be able to accuse you of lying down on the job, and though early in life you will face many obstacles and may find the going very difficult, you have the strength to fight your way through and to win. If you will only listen to all sides of a question before you act, you will not fail to make the right choice, for you have shrewd eye and will be able to see where your advantage lies every time. In this way you will achieve power of fortune, and it is very likely that in the later years of life you will find contentment and security.

You will succeed in many lines of activity, preferably ones where there is opposition and the need for a forceful, driving energy. In love you will be ardent and will have no difficulty in attracting members of the opposite sex. If you are a man, don’t let your cave-man nature run away with you. If you are a woman, you must learn to temper your ardor with reason, for love does not always end happily, and if it dies, you must remember that there are always other fish in the sea. In either case, jealousy is the greatest pitfall in the path of those born under the sign of Scorpio.

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General Characteristics

You have a better than average chance of achieving success and possibly fame in life. It will be wiser for you to select some career where you are not compelled to work with too many other persons. You will find most congenial the job which allows you a certain amount of liberty to do as you think best and where you will not have a boss standing over you every minute of the day. You will always be resentful about receiving directions on how you should do your work, and so to avoid friction you should try to find something which will put you on your own much of the time.

Though there will seldom be quarrels or disputes to mar the even course of your life, you will occasionally flare up when you feel that you have been crossed, and so you must guard against these brief flashes of temper, which will never last very long but which may alienate some individual who is important to your success. On the other hand there will be times when you should show more determination to gain your point and should not give in readily merely to avoid an unpleasant exchange of words. This is especially true in regard to sudden inspirations which you are going to have every now and then. Do not let people argue you out of these ideas or hunches which come to you without explanation, “out of the blue” as it were. In almost every instance you will meet with remarkable good luck if you follow your instincts.

In matters of love you will have to learn one very hard lesson if you wish to marry and have a happy home life. That lesson is that you are never going to find anybody who quite lives up to your ideal of the opposite sex. No one will ever find perfection in this life, but we can all find happiness if we just learn to overlook the faults in our loved ones and friends and take satisfaction in their good qualities. You are very liable to make blunders in your choice of a partner. You will be so eager to find your ideal that your may be temporarily blinded to the real person before you. Then when you do finally see the actual personality, your disillusionment will be keen and you will make no attempt to hide your feelings. This, of course, will probably wreck your romance. You have to very important things to remember: there are no angles among mortal men, and always use tact when you are tempted to say what is on your mind without any sidestepping or evasion.

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General Characteristics

If you are born under this sign, probably the best advice that can be given you is to try to cultivate a sense of humor, for there is a danger that all through life you will take things much too seriously and will not have all the fun which you deserve. If any great success comes to you, it will be entirely as a result of your own patient efforts. It will take time and the early part of your life may at times seem sadly lacking in the things you aspire to. But you should never be discouraged, for your greatest gift lies in your capacity for taking pains and in your fundamental common sense. Here also is something you will have to guard against, for your ability to plod along may also blind you to opportunities which require a certain amount of imagination and daring.

You will probably achieve best results in business which requires a steady, level head and industrious effort. Thus banking or office work such as is connected with governmental bureaus will hold the greatest opportunity for you. You will also shine in fields where scholarship is of importance. You might become a teacher or a research worker, but you must never expect to make a brilliant showing in the eyes of the world in general. Your gifts will be appreciated by the few rather than by the crowd.

In matters of love you will tend to be cautious and hesitant and, since you will not be one to decide on the spur or the moment, you probably will not marry early. However, when you do marry, it will be for keeps and you will make a devoted husband or wife and a very wise and loving parent. There will be one trait you will have to control if your marriage is to be a happy one. That is your tendency to brood over trivial things. You must always say what is on your mind, though you must do it tactfully. You will never be completely happy unless you are married, for your nature demands love and affection, and you will never realize a true expression of your finest talents until you are happy in marriage. In other words, it is the key to your future success in all lines of work. You should get plenty of fresh air, and avoid worry as much as possible. Be very careful in your use of alcohol and tobacco.

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General Characteristics

One of the great problems that confront those who are born under this sign is the necessity of overcoming a certain shyness in human relationships. You have so many good qualities that it would be indeed tragic if they were not recognized and given full opportunity for expression. And a modest, retiring nature needs to be brought out not only for its own good but for the benefit of all those who come in contact with it. This is especially true in your case, for you will have ideas which, if given proper outlet, may lead to progress in many fields of activity.

Yours is an original mind, and you should always rely on your hunches, no matter how out of the ordinary they may seem to be, for they may work to your great advantage. Your originality of thought will probably result in the discovery of a new way of doing things in business or science; in the arts it will stamp you as a very independent type. No one will ever accuse you of imitation.

Though you do not make friends quickly, you will never lack for them, for you have a natural way with people, and in the long run you will always attract a host of admirers. You will have to curb a tendency to be impatient or contemptuous of persons who are not as quick to understand problems as you are, and you will also have to fight a sensitive nature which will permit you to imagine insults that have never occurred.

Your chances of success may be lessened by a disposition that is a bit too easygoing. Take care that friends and acquaintances do not impose on you and take up too much of your time, which you will always be so ready to give. There is also the possibility that you may be cheated or deceived by unscrupulous persons who will take advantage for your sincere direct nature.

Many businesses and professions will hold opportunities for you, but you must take care not to get into a line of works which puts you in a rut, for your independent nature will never tolerate monotony and such an occupation will only make you miserable.

You probably will do a great deal of traveling, though this should be a pastime with you. In your everyday work you should remain located in one place for considerable periods of time, otherwise you may be tempted to become a rolling stone.

In love you will tend to conceal your affections, and it is possible you may marry without ever knowing a very romantic period of courtship. This should be a warning to you make of effort to be more demonstrative with your loved one, lest he or she misunderstand and suspect you of indifference.

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General Characteristics

Yours will never be a dull, stodgy existence. Your whole life will be filled with restless activity, and there is a danger that you may never accomplish very much because of this. Yours is a naturally loving and generous temperament, and one of your greatest weaknesses is the case with which people can take advantage of you by appealing to your warm and sympathetic spirit. In fact it is possible that you will always be more concerned about the welfare of others than about your own or that of your immediate family.

Persons of your type can easily become the rolling stones of life, the never do-wells, the jacks-of-all-trades. Pleasant, companionable and always ready to lend a helping hand, they never seem to be able to center their attention on some one particular goal. These cases, of course, are the extremes, but they should serve as a warning to you. You should remember that charity begins at home, and that not every person who appears to be honest is really so.

In money matters in particular you will have to curb your generosity, and it would probably be best for you to obtain the advice of someone of sound business judgment before you make any investments or take financial risk of any sort.

Whatever your faults, however, you will never lack for true friends, who will overlook every shortcoming out of genuine affection for you. For this reason you will not be able to rely on their judgment too often, since they will be willing to indulge you in your failings.

Let this present too one-sided a picture of what lies before you, it should be added that with self-discipline you can rise to great heights, especially in literary activities or occupations in which you are called on to deal with numbers of individuals, such as nursing, law, medicine, etc., you are especially fitted for any calling which renders a service to humanity or which requires a sympathetic knowledge of the ways of the human heart. And self-disciple ought not to be too hard for you, either, for you have courage and determination, and these qualities are going to bring you honor and prestige.

You will probably marry early and you will undoubtedly have several love affairs-some, it may be, even after you have spoken your marriage vows. However, this is not so much a sign that you have a untrustworthy nature as it is an indication that you will always try to surround yourself with an atmosphere of affection and love.

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