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Numerology, the science of numbers, deals with the force behind the numbers. In common life the numbers are used for the quantitative values and without numbers civilization is impossible. The numbers reveal the great truth behind them.

Whether we realize it or not we all go through life bearing with us a special set of numbers. Men who have made long and profound studies of such thins tell us that these numbers play a very important part in our lives, casting powerful influences over our actions and also giving us clues about our future.

In fact, all number are said to possess a peculiar power over human affairs. This influence comes from the mystical vibrations which each number radiates, much as a radio stations sends out unseen and unfelt vibrations into surrounding space. And since we are constantly coming into contact with numbers in our daily lives, it is natural that we should be directly affected by them for better or for worse.

However, the most important numbers to us are the special ones which are perpetually connected with us. They are the numbers of our name and our birth date, and it is considered extremely important that they should be in harmony with us and we with them, if we are to achieve success and happiness.

Each number between 1 and 9 is said to possess certain special meanings and to give off vibrations that exert a particular kind of influence over us.

Since every letter of the alphabet bas been given a numerical value, it is possible to add together the letter values in your name so as to arrive at certain basic sums or numbers. On the basis of these you are them able to make predictions about your future and to guide yourself in decisions concerning such matters as lover, business, etc.,