Predicting Love, Romance And Marriage

By R K Eashvar pillai

The 7th house should be studied for marriage prospects, nature of the partner, and married life. In a male chart the 7th house signifies the wife, and in a female chart, the husband. Planets occupying or aspecting the 7th house, the lord of the 7th house, the Navamsha occupied by the lord of 7th house, and the significator of the 7th house = VENUS should all be examined for predicting marriage and marital happiness.

Marriage Matching:

There are many complicated rules for matching horoscopes. The following guidelines are very useful for us.

  • If the Janma Rashi of the boy is 7, 10,11th when counted form the Janma Rashi of the girl, it makes for a favourable marriage.
  • If in the horoscopes of the boy and girl in question, the lords of the Lagna and lords of the Janma Rashi are friendly, the marriage prospects will good.
  • If the Janma Nakshatra of the boy and girl is 4, 7,10,13,16,19,22,25th when counted from the Nakshatra of the girl, it is auspicious for the marriage.
  • Count the number of Nakshatra from Aswini to that the Nakshatra of the boy. Similarly, count the number of Nakshatra from Aswini to that girl’s. Add both numbers, and then add 13 to the total to the total. Subtract 32 from the total sum and divide by 5. If the remainder is 0, 1 or 3, it is good for the marriage.
  • Count the number of Nakshatra from that of the boy up to Aswini. Do the same count for the girl. Add the two figures and divide by 5. If the remainder is 1, 2 or 4, a happy and prosperous married life is assured.

Timing of the Marriage:

It would be considered auspicious to fix the marriage of the person when any one of the following conditions is satisfied.

  • The Lagna lord transits the 7th house.
  • Jupiter transits the house occupied by Venus or by the lord of 7th house.
  • Venus or the lord of 7th house transits the rashi occupied by the lord of Lagna, or a rashi which is at the 5th or 9th position from it.
  • Venus or the lord of the 7th house transits the Navamsha occupied by the Lagna lord, or rashi which is at the 5th or 9th position from it.

Characteristics of Females Born under different Janma Nakshatras :

Janma NakshatraCharacteristics
AshwiniBright and small eyes, sweet speech, ordinary married life
BharaniBeautiful, bold, good character, good married life
KirtikaGood-looking, quarrelsome, unhappy married life
RohiniBeautiful, possessing attractive eyes, short-tempered, good married life
MirgashiraLean, beautiful, greedy, good marriage life
ArdraBeautiful eyes, fault-finder, unhappy married life
PunarvasuCurly hair, red eyes, sweet speech, happy married life
PushyaShort, sincere, satisfactory married life
AshleshaPleasant- looking, careless, satisfactory married life
MaghaBeautiful, helpful, short-tempered, satisfactory married life
PurvaPhaguniRound face, polite, charitable, happy married life
UttaPhaguniCool temperament, happy married life
HastaAttractive, happy married life
ChitraBeautiful, sinful, unhappy married life
SwathiTruthful, virtuous, satisfactory married life
VisakhaBeautiful, sweet-tongued, happy married life
AnuradhaBeautiful, pleasant, happy married life
JyeshtaBroad face, emotional, ordinary married life
MoolaObstinate, pure-hearted, satisfactory married life
PurvashadaBeautiful, possessing attractive eyes, straightforward, happy married life
UttrashadaObstinate, religious, attractive eyes, prominent nose, satisfactory married life
ShravanaTall body, prominent nose, talkative, religious, satisfactory married life
DhanishtaAttractive, extravagant, happy married life
ShatbhishaTall, Short-tempered, God-fearing, unhappy married life
PurvabhadraBeautiful, sincere, possessing an optimistic outlook, happy married life
UttrabhadraBig eyes, cordial nature, happy married life
RevathiBeautiful, religious, stubborn, happy married life

Characteristics of Females Born in different Lagnas :

Janma LagnaCharacteristics
Aries - MeshaTruthful, quarrelsome, cruel
Taurus- RishabhaPolite, agreeable, obedient
Gemini - Mithunaill-tempered, sensuous
Cancer- KarkatakaWealthy, polite, attractive, happy
Leo - ShimaCharitable, quarrelsome
Virgo - KanyaGood-tempered, doer of good deeds, happy
Libra - ThulaLazy, sinful, proud
Scorpio - ViruchikaVirtuous, truthful
Sagittarius - DhanusUnkind, cruel
Capricorn - MakaraGood-character, well-spoken of
Aquarius - KumbaVirtuous, truthful & grateful
Pisces - MeenaBeautiful, kind- hearted

Characteristics of Females Born in different Rashi :

Janma RashiCharacteristics
Aries - MeshaFond of husband and work, devoted to elders
Taurus- RishabhaDevoted to husband, wealthy, good-tempered
Gemini - MithunaGood-character, pleasant appearance, helpful to others
Cancer- KarkatakaSickly, religious-minded, dignified
Leo - ShimaBeautiful, even-tempered, happy
Virgo - KanyaVirtuous, wealthy
Libra - ThulaVirtuous, sympathetic, possessing little sexual passion
Scorpio - ViruchikaWealthy, unsympathetic
Sagittarius - DhanusPolite, charitable, sympathetic
Capricorn - MakaraTruthful, good-tempered
Aquarius - KumbaVirtuous, wealthy, charitable
Pisces - MeenaModest, good-character, pleasant features, charitable wishes you all happy married life.