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By R K Eashvar Pillai (

Dear Ms. Anjali,

Please find my Annual Predictions Report containing insights into all happening facets of your coming year including, health, education, finance and business, Career, Purchase of vehicle, Purchase of Property, romance and marriage predictions with accurate timing of its happening, children, education, foreign travel etc., wherever applicable and happening. I am extremely grateful to you for providing me with this opportunity to analyze your horoscope and giving me this opportunity to prepare your Year Ahead Report. Your Moon Sign is Cancer and Ascendant is Leo and your Birth Star (Janma Nakshatra) is Mrigsira according to the Vedic Astrology. Kindly make a note for the same. Please note that I can only give you guideline to act upon, you have to put your efforts in order to get benefit from our guidelines. 100% accuracy in can never be guaranteed in any form of astrology. Only Brahma the creator can tell with 100% authenticity.

I wish you luck and pray to God that you overcome all obstacles in your life.

Best regards,
R K Eashvar Pillai


Your Moon Sign is Cancer and Ascendant is Leo and your Birth Star (Janma Nakshatra) is Mrigsira according to the VedicAstrology.

During this year you would be attracted towards mysticism, astrology, spiritualism. Try to trust your inner voice.

Let us take the analysis of the Year ahead for you dasha wise. 04th of October 2009 to 30th of October 2010

You will be undergoing the dasha period of Ketu-Sun till 15th of January 2010. In this period, you may become tense, worried and get annoyed on small matters. There are chances that you may indulge in any unnecessary arguments with your associates/friends/family in this period. You will have courage and strong determination but due to various problems in life, you may have to devote much of your precious time in solving such problems. Professionally, the chances of getting progress and gains are slim in this dasha period. If you are working somewhere, you won't be able to get adjusted in the working atmosphere of your office. You may feel more disturbances and mental tensions at your working place. It is better for you not to get involved in any arguments with your subordinates, staff members or superiors as it may harm your status/chances in your Organization. In business, there are indications of losses and more capital expenditure. In studies, you will not able to do much good and may be not able to clear competitions during the period. For love and romance, this period is not going to give good results for you. There may be break in affairs/engagement for you during the period from04th of October 2009 to 23rd of October 2009.

There are indications you may meet a new person and get infatuated towards him during the sub period of Jupiter and Mercury, which will run from 23rd of October 2009 to 09th of November 2010 and from 29th of November 2010 to 17th of December 2010. The chances of getting married in this period are below average. To increase the chances of getting married with a person of your choice, you need to perform Swayamvara Paravathy Homam and Venus Puja.

By performing the Swayamvara Paravathy Homam, various obstacles that delay any marriage are removed. The eligible bride or groom is blessed with suitable spouse.

As, few separative tendencies and differences are indicated in your love life, there are chances of a bickering with your lover. Hence, you must remain careful and perform Venus Puja, Ganapathy Homam, Nakshatra Puja, Swayamvara Paravathy Homam, and Navagraha Homam. As far as your health goes it would be better for you to take care of your diet and take proper timely medication. If you will fall ill in this period, you may have to go under much diagnostic confusion. Regarding vehicles, it is advisable to drive them with a lot of care, as some indications of accident are present in your horoscope. There are also indications of theft of belongings in this coming year. This period will also give few diseases related to headaches, fever, liver and stomach problems etc. You may have some problems like mental aberrations, nervous break down etc. You may have major problems related to health during the period from 12th of October 2009 to 15th of October 2009, 19th of October 2009 to 20th of October 2009, 06th of November 2009 to 09th of November 2009, 23rd of November 2009 to 27th of November 2009, 09th of December 2009 to 12th of December 2009 and from 20th of December 2009 to 21st of December 2009. In this dasha period, you may also get few chances to travel during the period from 09th of November 2009 to 29th of November 2009.

You will be undergoing the dasha period of Ketu-Moon that will start from 15th of January 2010 to 16th of August 2010.This dasha will give you few fruitful results related to studies, profession and love/marital relationships but a special attention is needed to pay regarding your health during the sub-period of Rahu, Mercury and Sun running in the dasha of Moon which will run from 14th of February 2010 to 18th of March 2010, 19th of May 2010 to 18th of June 2010 and 05th of August 2010 to 16th of August 2010. These periods will give bad results regarding health and may give more mental tensions. There may be chances of involving in arguments and unnecessary problems in this period. You may suffer from disease like heat stroke, headache, blood pressure, hyperirritability, stomach ailments etc during 05th of August 2010 to 16th of August 2010. Moreover, Ketu dasha may give more diagnostic confusions and you may have to change your treatment and medicines. To get rid of all such diseases and to minimize the influences of negative planets affecting your health and social life, it will be better for you to perform Hanumanth Homan, Ganapathy Homam, Nakshatra Puja and Navagraha Puja. In this period, you may also get the chance to meet your soul mate. There are chances that you may get married during the period from 18th of March 2010 to 05th of August 2010.

There may be some delay in finalization of your marriage. Overall, this period will be better and give above average results.

You will be running under the dasha period of Ketu-Mars that will start from 16th of August 2010 to 12th of January 2011.This period may give you more satisfaction and good results. There are also chances of getting some ancestral property or any gift from your lover. This dasha may bring happiness related to family life. You may also plan to buy a property for you in this period. In education field, you will be known for your intelligence and may opt new courses of study. Outside help and support of friends is seen in this period. You may also get few chances to visit at religious places. In professional terms, there may be little disturbance related to your position. You must remain aware in job as you may become a victim of backbiting. There are chances of few minor disturbances in your working place but with god's grace, you will able to control each and everything with your strong determination.

You may get more problems in service during the period from 16th of September 2010 to 06th of October 2010. A special attention is need towards your health during the sub period of Rahu and Saturn in Mars Bhukti, which will run from 25th of August 2010 to 16th of September 2010 and from 06th of October 2010 to 30th of October 2010. Having proper and controlled diet will be beneficial for you. You are advised to perform Yoga, meditation for receiving emotional benefits in your life. You need to perform Ganapathy Homam, Lakshmi-Kuber Homam, Nakshatra Puja and Navagraha Homam for increasing your financial success and removing the obstacles from your job/profession and eradicating the malefic effects of the planetary combinations. Involving in arguments may be harmful for you.

You may have more mental tensions instead of physical illness in the above-mentioned periods. Regarding social life, this period will be average as compared to previous dasha period. You have to work hard to get more benefits. For minimizing all the problems related to love/married life, you need to take help of Uma Maheshwari Homam, Venus Puja, Ganapathy Homam, Nakshatra Puja and Navagraha Homam. To control your aggression, we recommend you to wear crystals (Rose Quartz and Amethyst).

According to your chart, at present your planetary combinations are such that you may face few problems related to marital as well as professional life. For making good relations in your love/married life and to increasing your chances for stability and promotion in job/business and making your love/married life more happy and committed, you need to take benefit of the remedial measures, which I am going to suggest.

Once the remedial measures are performed, you will feel a little upliftment in profession, good harmony in love/marital relationships and happiness in family life for you.

Best Regards
r k eashvar pillai.
Vedic astrologer

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