Rahu – Ketu Gochara / Peyarchi / Transit - Predictions –Palangal – 2020 -2022

From 23-09-2020 to 22-03-2022

By – R K Eashvara Pillai -www.astroapollo.net

Rahu Taurus 23/09/2020 22/03/2022
Ketu Scorpio 23/09/2020 22/03/2022

Transit of Rahu / Ketu Transit (Peyarchi / Gochar) is happening on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 05-28AM IST as per TiruKanitha Panchangam. Rahu will move from Mithuna Rashi (Gemini) to Rishaba Rashi (Taurus) while Ketu will move from Dhanus Rashi (Sagittarius) to Viruchika Rashi (Scorpio) and stay there until March 2022.

On September 23 rd , 2020 at 05-28AM IST Rahu will be entering the sign of Taurus and Ketu will be entering the sign Scorpio this is a very important planetary move at the outset of COVID19. Astrology enthusiasts are expecting some positive changes from September onwards as Ketu, the moksha karaka will enter the sign of mysterious matters Scorpio. Let’s see how these transits are going to impact each sign and primarily transits are seen through the Moon sign because Maha dasa and Antar dasa are calculated by the Moon sign only. They are the most important transits in your life. Yearly transits like Saturn and Jupiter have to be seen only after looking at the Maha dasa results. If you like to see these results through Ascendant, then you can do that as well. Rahu is going to be in the sign of Taurus until March 2022. So, let’s see what all will be coming to your life during these 18 months, as Rahu and Ketu will stay in a sign for 18 months.

Rahu & Ketu in Astrology


Rahu is the ascending node of the moon and it afflicts the Moon more than any other planet.

Rahu points to the direction of spiritual growth for an individual and wherever he is placed in a chart there will be a tendency to indulgence or obsession. In many ways the path that Rahu indicates is designed to lead the individual to self-destruction. It is said that Rahu gives and Ketu takes away but to be more accurate Rahu gives in the same manner that a drug dealer "gives' since what he gives is designed to hook into you and become a need which leads toward one’s own downfall.

Rahu is especially associated with the sense of emptiness that must be fed regardless of the problems it causes. This is the emptiness of the addict, the workaholic or the serial killer.

Rahu has a very strong affiliation with the air. Airplanes, aviation, pilots and space travel all fall under his influence. Rahu can involve one in areas of life considered somewhat taboo by conventional society such as astrology, metaphysics, occultism, witchcraft, cults, skin diseases, executions and epidemics. Rahu also has a tendency to drive one toward areas where deception and the hidden aspect of something play a large role such as politics, revolutions, drugs, secret societies, mysteries, inventions, scientists, deceit, affairs and taboo sexual appetites.

Snakes encountered in dreams or in life are often thought to be manifestations of Rahu.

Rahu has a special affiliation with Garlic, which is said to have sprung from the ground where his blood fell.

The Seagull or Gull is known to be an aspect of Rahu.


Tamas, Rahu, Asura, Swarbhanu, Vidhuntuda, Pata, Sainhikeya, Bhujanga and Ahi. The common term is Rahu.


Rahu represents indulgence and expansion to the point of fault. Smoke, mental illness (over expanded consciousness), losses, theft, death of family members, and air disasters are other negative aspects.

Rahu does have a positive influence on gambling or speculation, which takes place in activities like investing in the Stock Market. Another positive aspect is his ability to heal diseases. Foreigners and sudden changes also fall under the area of Rahu.


The Goddess Durga is often associated with Rahu and on occasion her dark counterpart Kali. The Nagas are always a manifestation of Rahu and sometimes snakes in general are considered the same. One could make a good case for Medusa of Greek mythology to be another manifestation of Rahu.

The direction Southwest is given to the ruler ship of Rahu.

The age of 42 is considered to be the time in which Rahu comes to full fruition.

Rahu owns no particular sign. However, he is considered exalted in Taurus (which also has a tendency to overindulge) and his fall is in Scorpio.

Rahu is malefic as a whole though he does bring about the tendency of being "lucky".

The color black is associated with Rahu as well as the color "smoke". His metal is Lead, like Ketu.

The wind or air is considered the element of Rahu.

Rahu has a Vatta constitution in Ayurveda.

Areas of effect to look for changes

Accidents, afflictions, cosmic law, rebirth, air disasters, cheating, corruption, drug addiction, destiny or fate, consumption, insects, poison, deceit, power hungry, widowhood, inevitability, karma, aloneness, fear, things or people foreign, apathy, hard times, intense pain, snakes, radical changes, luck, wealth through inheritance, corruption, madness, schizophrenia, delusions


Ketu is the descending node of the moon through the eyes of Indian Astrology. Ketu is known to afflict the Sun more so than any other planet. This is in contrast to Rahu, which is associated with the Moon.

Ketu is also associated with comets and like its associate Rahu it is known to be exceedingly cruel and malefic. Though interpreting Ketu is somewhat difficult the basic theme seems to be release and transformation. More specifically Ketu points to the past life karma of an individual through its placement in the chart.

Ketu brings about spiritual enlightenment. Unfortunately it does through the placement of problems, pain and roadblocks, which are meant to help us in our spiritual growth. Ketu has a tendency to behave like Mars and as a result fire and accidents are also associated with Ketu.

Special note should be made of the Ketu dasha cycle. The dasha of Ketu lasts seven years and it is common knowledge in Vedic astrology that Ketu always has a "sting" in its tail. This means that somehow the end of a Ketu dasha cycle will be potentially problematic or troublesome.

Ketu and Rahu have the same affiliations for animals which are the following: snakes, camels, the ass, wolves, rodents, mosquitoes, scorpions and any other animal that utilizes poison in its defense. No food is associated with Ketu or Rahu.

Ketu is especially affiliated with the owl.


Ketu, Sikhin, Dhvaja, Dhum, MrityuPutr and Anala. The common term is Ketu.


In Indian Astrology Ketu is associated with broken relationships, changing events and accidents. Electronics have also been placed under his influence in the modern era.

Other noted areas under his influence are ascetics, renunciation, assassinations, cats, clairvoyance, contemplation, desire for knowledge, deep thinking, imprisonment (like Saturn), poison, intrigues, magical powers, poverty and mysticism.


Ketu is associated with the god Brahma and Chitra Gupta. Another popular affiliation is Ganesha, which seems more intuitive considering he is known as the "remover of obstacles".

Ketu has an unusual association in terms of direction. He is most often noted to be the "center" which is really no direction at all.

Ketu is associated with the 48th year of life.

Ketu has no sign, which it rules but it is considered exalted in Scorpio and fallen in Taurus.

Ketu is extremely malefic though the affliction it gives brings about enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Ketu has special affiliation with the Nakshatra Abhijit.

Ketu is variegated in color and associated with the metal Lead. Turquoise and Cats eye are associated with Ketu.

Earth is considered the element of Ketu.

Ayurvedic medicine ascribes a Vatta constitution to Ketu.

Areas of effect to look for changes

Renunciation, enlightenment, spiritual authority, ascetics, clairvoyance, dissatisfactions, separations, breaks, helplessness, negative habits, liberation, artistic tastes, bankruptcy, sudden windfalls, lower classes of society, things strange or foreign, cheating, cataclysm, comets, smoking, philosophers, assassins, mental illness.

Rahu and Ketu is considered as two strong planets as per the principles of Vedic Astrology. But astronomically, they do not exist. Since Rahu and Ketu are believed to have a strong impact on our lives, they are denoted as mathematical points while making calculations in Vedic Astrology.

When Moon moves from South to North in its orbit and crosses Sun’s path – the incision point is called Rahu or Dragon’s Head. When Moon transits towards South and crosses the Sun’s path – the incision point is called Ketu or Dragon’s Tail. This point is at 180 degree distance from the previously mentioned incision point (Rahu).

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu are given high importance. But why? Why these incision points are considered so important? The general explanation is that Sun represents body whereas Moon represents mind and these incision points strongly affect the energies of these two planets.

Rahu and Ketu are not stationary. In a year, they move 19 degrees and 30 minutes which mean that Rahu and Ketu take 18 years and 6 months to complete 1 round around Earth. These two planets transit in retrograde motion (in opposite direction to all other planets).

Mythology Reference

This story relates to the great churning of the ocean by the Gods and the Demons to take out elixir of life. Lord Vishnu wanted to ensure that the elixir did not reach the hands of the Demons. If they caught hold of the potion, they would destroy the world, Lord Vishnu feared. So, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini. Mohini so maneuvered the sitting arrangement that she got to the Gods first. The demon to catch this trick was Swarbhanu. He took the form of a god and positioned himself in between Sun and Moon. When his term came he also received elixir from the disguised Lord Vishnu. Before Swarbhanu could drink the elixir Sun and Moon identified him. Lord Vishnu severed off his head with Sudarshan Chakra. However, some drops of elixir of life had gone down his neck hence both the head and body became immortal.

The severed head was taken by Simihika, the mother of demon Swarbhanu, and nursed patiently. The head over a period of time got the body of a serpent and he was named Rahu. A Brahmin named Mini took the body. He brought up this body as his own son. To this body Lord Vishnu granted a serpent’s head. This became Ketu who in the due course of time became a saintly and revered seer.

However, Rahu and Ketu never pardoned Sun and Moon for exposing them. Therefore, they cause eclipses.

Astrological Significance


Rahu is the signification of the following as per Uttara Kalamrita.

a) Faulty Logic b) Harsh speech c) Outcaste d) an irreligious person e) going to a foreign country f) Unclean g) Bones h) abdominal ulcers i) Falsehood j) South western direction k) serpents l) Old age m) Maternal grandfather n) Worship of VanaDurga o) Writing Urdu or Persian (Because these two languages start from right hand side, written in reversed manner, like Rahu and Ketu’s movement in Zodiac, which is retrograde or Apsavya move. p) Breathing q) Acute duodenal pain.

It is observed that a strong Rahu is good for the above mentioned significations and weak Rahu shows just the opposite.


Ketu is the signification of following as per Uttara Kalamrita

a) Worship of Chandi, Ganesh and others b) Medical practitioner c) Vultures d) Final emancipation e) Consumption f) Painful fevers g) Bath in Gangesh h) Great penance i) Wind complaints j) Mantra Shastra k) Instability of mind l) Diseases of the stomach and eye m) Vedanta n) Grandfather o) Small pox or boils p) A servant of Shiva q) Association with foreigner or Shudras.

It is observed that a strong Ketu generally gives good result and a malefic Ketu creates lots of hindrances in life.

Introduction about Rahu and Ketu

North node of Moon is popularly known as Rahu and south node of Moon called Ketu changes sign on 23rd September, 2020 at 05:28 am. Usually both these shadow planets transit through one sign for around one year and six months. Next time both are to change sign on March, 2022. On that day Rahu shifts into MeshaRashi (Aries) and Ketu moves into ThulaRashi (Libra).

Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde mode. They are not visible but calculated as Nodes of Moon. They do not own any sign in zodiac. Rahu gets exalted in MithunaRashi and Ketu in DhanusRashi. However, some consider KanyaRashi as exalted sign of Rahu and MeenaRashi being sign of exaltation for Ketu. One very valid view is that Rahu becomes exalted in RishabhaRashi (Taurus) and Ketu becomes exalted in ViruchikaRashi (Scorpio). Rahu exhibits characteristic of ruler of the sign it is stationed in. Similarly Ketu imitates role of ruler of the sign it posited in. Rahu resembles with Saturn and Ketu with Mars by knowledgeable. Rahu pushes the native to results of his/her past karma. In this way if you are on wrong side of Rahu, you ought to pay for your deeds/action, no escape from this.

Transit of Rahu through the Kendra is always a notable event. When measuring the effect of Rahu, degrees of the Ascendant in your chart and also that of Rahu need to be taken into consideration. Around those degrees effect of transiting Rahu is more acute. For some reason in Vimshottari Dasha system Rahu major period rules for 18 years. Major period of Ketu rules for 7 years only. Position of Rahu in your chart indicates that you are to have kind of casual approach about things/matters linked with the particularly that house. Rahu can make you feel confident and hence results in kind of casual approach. Ketu is all about remaining in wanting. This means native is to remain in wanting about matters linked with the house where Ketu is stationed. Like if you have Ketu in the fourth house, you may remain in wanting about owing a house.

This could be results of your deeds in past life. Malefic influence of Rahu and Ketu becomes more intense when Saturn is in company. Saturn –Rahu combination or Saturn –Ketu in a birth chart is sure indication of some grief, setback rocking the life. Rahu or Ketu when join or keep company of Jupiter, they reduce the positive benevolent effect of Jupiter to a great extent. Some kind unusual result comes to fore.

It is very important to understand that Raghu is a shadow planet and don’t rule over any zodiac in Horoscope which means there are no-lordship assigned to Raghu and it produces results in the following manner.

  1. Rahu gives results of its zodiac lord.
  2. Rahu gives results of the house it is placed in.
  3. Rahu gives results of Nakshatra it is placed in.
  4. Rahu gives results of Planet in association with it.
Generally, Raghu gives good results in 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house and its transit is not desirable in 2nd, 7th, 8th and 12th house.

Most important here is that Rahu don’t have Ashtakvarga calculation but while decoding Rahu transit results in a good weightage to the Ashtakvarga bindus in the house where Rahu is going to transit should be given. If these bindus are more than 28 than results will be favorable and if more than 30 then the results will be fabulous.

Also, check if Rahu transit in Taurus is going over 22nd Drekkana or 64th Navamsha.

Any malefic planet like Rahu transit over these sensitive points results in injuries or health issues.

Rahu-Ketu is shadow planets and making a prediction on Rahu transit in Taurus can be tricky therefore the predictions of Rahu transit in 2020 are general in nature. For accurate predictions on your horoscope email me on eashvar@astroapollo.net

Rahu will transit Taurus. Rahu being a planet of exotics, he will always favor things which are out of country, away from culture and tradition, he may make us give a false interpretation to the right things, he may also encourage us to give exaggerated pictures of scenarios, he can make people filled with material desires and greed, craving for possessions and also turn deceptive for the sake of attaining goals.

Predictions - Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020 to 2022

Rahu - Ketu Peyarchi – Palangal 2020 to 2022

aries mesa rasi predictions Aries (Mesha )

Rahu is to pass through the second house and Ketu traverses through the eighth house for your sign.

Transit of Rahu can have two different kind of effect, depending upon position of ruler of the second house and that of Rahu in natal chart. If planets in your birth chart are also supportive, you can have huge monetary gain. Otherwise you may experience financial constraints during this transit. You may incline to do things not correct ethically. If your luminary is afflicted by either Rahu or Ketu, avoid temptation and not deviate from ethical practices.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 2nd house. This is a time when your finances seem to go out of control. You won’t realize where and how is all the money getting drained to. Due to the confusion, you may be tempted to try some easy and fast means to wealth. There will be a lot of trouble if you do this, some handsome gains might be there as well. Money cannot get created from nothing. So if you make huge amounts, it will be from your own hidden resources. So take very precautious steps in matters of wealth.

Rahu will also influence your family life. There will be a lot of unrest in the family life. Traditional families or couples with traditional family style will experience a lack of harmony in family life. Couples as such may not really have any misunderstanding. But the family responsibilities might become a burden and a cause of argument and dissatisfaction.

There can be some external influences acting on your family life. So you need to be careful about what is really worth an argument and what is not worth it. You may be forced or pressurized by circumstances to renovate, decorate your house beyond your capability just for pomp and show. You might be tempted to adopt a very exotic lifestyle, unconventional ways of life too.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 8th house. This indicates some karmic backlog to be paid up now. Due to this, you may become overly intuitive. This also deepens spirituality and detachment. You may develop some sort of loneliness and some of you might experience some sort of depression. Nothing will interest you now. Due to this lack of interest, opportunities and money can be lost. Your family and dependents can feel the difference fully.

There can be health issues too. There can be diseases or injuries in calf muscles or lower abdomen. Financial trouble can get worse due to illness.The positive aspect of this transit is that spirituality will be the best thing that appeals to you and you can do a lot of worship, meditation, contemplation so you can earn a lot of good karma for your future in this life as well as future lives.

Ketu moving through the eighth house is obviously not a happy proposition. Some health issue may take alarming position and may need surgery to get rid of the issue. Viewing this, do not neglect even a minor looking issue, during this transit. Take due preventive measures to control the issue. A financial setback also has a possibility here.

Taurus Rishaba rasi predictions Taurus (Rishaba)

Rahu transits through your sign here. Ketu moves in the seventh house, in opposition to your sign.

Rahu here can put you in a kind of commanding, leading position on occupational front. You may experience some resistance from people around you. Many a times you may tend to shout loudly to assert your point of view. Try to avoid this tendency and handle resistance if any tactfully. If you have natal Venus coming under influence Rahu you may lend into unsteady relationship with opposite sex. If natal Sun is afflicted, try to avoid taking a plunge in this kind of relationship. Relocation, change in residence has a strong possibility. This seems supportive time for unmarried female to get suitably married.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your own sign. On one hand, this will make you shine as an extraordinary individual. You may look really attractive suddenly to all around you. There may be some new additions to your circle of friends who are not necessarily there to help you in any way, but to just fulfill their motives. They may not even realize that they are selfishly inclined towards you.

Those who had been of shy nature so far shall now adopt a very bold stance and end up doing very unconventional things. You may shrug off religion and tradition. You may also take a great fancy for all foreign and non-traditional stuff including attire, speech, friends, food and even hangout places.

This transit might also make you a crave of luxury. Some of you who were known for exercising great deal of self-control may now change your decision remain that way. You may want to let your hair loss and yield to temptations and enjoy the pleasures life has to offer to commoners. Even mundane pleasures might now seem irresistible to you.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 7th house. This brings problems to marriage and partnerships. You may feel your spouse and partners in general have become indifferent, be it business or personal. Married people may experience a complete lack of harmony in matters of love, romance, responsibility and commitment. This can manifest as a total boredom of routine.

Business partnerships might break due to your lack of interest. This may bring financial stress. This is not a suitable time start any new partnerships either. They won’t turn out profitable. This is not a good time to get married either.

Spouse might become deeply spiritual and intuitive. Sometimes it could be that you have doubled your expectations and your spouse has halved them. So there will be disharmony in trivial things such as what to eat, what kind of dress to wear, which place to be on holiday etc. Your choices never seem to coincide.

Ketu passing through the seventh house does not spell well about confirmed relationship. Married one may be at discomfort in relationship with partner for life. However, position of ruler of the seventh house and position of Jupiter in your natal chart can minimize intensity of malefic influence of Ketu. If running business in partnership, keep communication live with business partner. Keep partner in loop about your action plan for achieving higher growth as a confidence building exercise.

gemini Mithuna rasi predictions Gemini (Mithuna)

Rahu shifts into the 12th house and Ketu moves into the sixth house for your sign.

Rahu normally is not considered good when transiting through the 12th house. However, it can work otherwise and shower notable monetary gain for the native. Much depends on planet positioned in the 12th house and also that of ruler of the 12th house. Rahu leads you to result in accordance of your past conduct and approach. Like if you were overly assertive about your view and shouted loudly to make a point, you are in for trouble now when Rahu passes through the 12th house. On the other side, if endured resistance during transit of Rahu, now Rahu is to facilitate encouraging gains for you. It is not good to relocate during this transit.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 12th house. This can bring a lot of negative results. First will be huge expenses. Rahu in 12th house can bring expenses due to pleasure and luxury. You may spend on comforts of the couch to be specific. Some of you may spend on exotic hobbies. These hobbies can take to gambling if not careful.

12th house rules bed comforts. Hence some of you may get into relationships with base women or foreigners or people of opposite cultures and may spend a fortune thereof.

12th house rules matters of the heart. Hence, youngsters might get into secret relationships. Even married men might get tempted for extra marital relationships. Some of you might terminate an existing relationship for the want of a new exciting one. Or some of you might get into multiple relationships not being able to disclose or terminate any of them on time. This might create a lot of confusion.

12th house also rules diseases. Some of you might undergo a surgery to the feet or private parts. Some of you might develop contagious diseases. Take care against STDs in particular.Some of you may see the demise of laborers or a trusted employee or a laborer quit. There could be thefts. There could be travel on the name of pilgrimage but it could be only for pleasure.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 6th house. This is a good transit. You become undefeated by your enemies. You will win every opposition and become an aggressive leader. Socially hence this becomes a very rewarding time. You will be sought after. But this will come due to your total indifference to the small and uninteresting matter. You were probably already that way, but that aspect of you will be highlighted now.

This will bring mixed results on the health front. Overall health will improve. You might become stronger. Immunity for children will improve. But there might be some sprain of muscles in the calf or abdomen. Financially too this will become a stable period.

Ketu moving through the sixth house is to let you enjoy good general health. No major health issue is to concern you. Here it seems good time to repay monetary obligation received by you earlier. Ketu transiting through the sixth house is not likely to have any major negative effect for you.

canser katakam, karka rasi predictions Cancer (Katakam)

Rahu now moves through the eleventh house and Ketu in the fifth house for your sign.

The eleventh house is about gains and relationship in general. If ruler of the eleventh house is well placed in your birth chart, good encouraging gains are to accrue here for you. Some issue or other in relationship can bother you here. You need to handle this very much tactfully and use your persuasion skill and resolve the issue amicably.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 11th house. This is an excellent transit in many ways. Firstly, it will bring all your wishes to fulfillment. The material wishes such as travel to exotic locations by exotic vehicles, luxury, exotic cuisine, exotic locations, exotic friends, exotic attire you name it, you get it. Even with friends and platonic relationships you will have things working in your favor always.

This will bring heavy financial gains. It could be from lotteries, past investments, lucky dips, perks, offers, gifts, salary hikes etc. There will be multiple sources of income and you will be lucky regarding investments too. People may not become millionaires overnight but in the same level as your standard of living, you will have many a gains which are unexpected.

This is a wonderful time socially. You will be the center of attention in the groups, for you will join many new social groups. Some of them might be of foreign and very diverse cultures. You may have many platonic friendships as well as many short term friendships in these groups. Some of you may run a physical relationship in the name of platonic friendship too.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 5th house. This can be a tough time in many ways. One being children. You might develop some sort of indifference or distance with children. This could be due to your very busy social Rahu. You may not find enough time to spend with children and they may cease to be the priority they used to be earlier. Children too shall notice this and become sad. Initially there could be complaints by them. But later they will understand you are too busy for them.

Secondly this can be tough time for new investments. Old investments shall fetch fortunes. But the same amount if invested now, cannot give you any return. So the money Rahu brings you will have to be saved or spent. Ketu shall not grow your money. He might totally dissipate it all and leave you penniless. This will also be a time of no luck for new relationships or matters of the heart. You might not feel confident due to being rejected in relationships. There will be this pattern of being turned down for no reason or no fault. You may feel others are getting better prospects. Though Rahu can bring you into contact with many attractive people, as they are Rahu’s band wagon, they mail fail to reach the mark. Hence, you cannot meet your expectation by them.

Ketu in 5th gives an excellent for spiritual understanding. You can excel in anything which is not related to this material world. It could be fine arts, philosophy, high end technology, very specific research etc. Ketu supports pursuits which are for an individual and are to be carried out in seclusion. This will be an excellent time for people involved in counseling, neurosciences. Ketu now traverses through the fifth house. Parents are likely to remain dissatisfied with progress of the child. For couple eager to have a child may not be favored by Ketu transiting through the fifth house. Student may not be able to remain well focused while studying here. However, position of ruler of the fifth house can affect the results, either way .

leo simha rasi predictions Leo (Simha )

Rahu traverses through the tenth house and Ketu in the fourth house for your sign.

During this transit of Rahu career oriented needs to shoulder more responsibility. Do not shy away from responsibility to improve your future growth prospects. Stick to present assignment and remain committed to do your best. Take orders from higher up in right perspective and focus on improving efficiency level. Do not quit from present assignment here.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 10th house. This is a wonderful transit. This will bring Raja yoga in profession. Some of you might get the long awaited promotion. The promotion will be better than expected. Rewards and recognition will come in plenty. You will be hailed as the new star in your field of profession.

Those looking for change of jobs or unemployed professionals might find a very lucrative job. This job can be characterized by a poach workplace facility. Many of you might find a job with a foreign company or an MNC. You may also get opportunities to work with foreign nationals. Workplace will have all exotic facilities and state of the art facilities.

Those in the field of marketing will excel. Artists and people of creative industry will have an excellent run. There could be performances organized in foreign countries or foreign collaborations are possible for the work of art. There can also be long term relocation possible for many of you. On job travel is certainly favored. There might be a lot of travel involved to foreign countries too.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 4th house. This will bring a lot of stress related to matters of immovable property and conveyances. House deals, home loans may not materialize. Existing house too might land in some problems. The house walls could crack, the house may need urgent repairs, repairs may not happen satisfactorily so on and so forth.

Vehicles too may not reach your hand on the stipulated time, if ordering a new one. Existing vehicles might start giving trouble due to wear and tear. You may not be able to afford a new vehicle. Your family might face a lot of problems due to all these.

Due to the differences in your new lifestyle, you may not be able to accommodate solutions to family problems much into your routine of solutions. This can make you estranged from your own family and property matters.

Ketu in the fourth house can make you feel uncomfortable handling domestic matters. If you live rented place, you can have difficult time handing demands of owner of the house. You may not enjoy a comfortable time at home here. You are to have a strong urge to break free and enjoy life in your own way. Ketu is to keep you in wanting to enjoy time at home, doing things you like to do.

virgo kanya rasi predictions Virgo (Kanya)

Rahu transits through the ninth house and Ketu moves through the third house for your sign.

Rahu here can lend you in trouble here. Squeeze on inflow of money for you is to make you feel restless. You may go on to borrow money from a friend here. You may then not able to repay the same for a long time. Relocation is on the card here. You may also be keen to relocate to avoid problems, difficulties you experience then. New opportunity is likely to come up. Along with this you may need to accept new challenges as well.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 9th house. This is a transit which has two opposite effects in itself. Rahu being in 9th brings extreme luck for natives. This luck is just material luck and hence, this can spoil an individual by giving without limits. Rahu’s real effects can be seen here. This raja yoga comes to completely take an individual away from one’s own natives, family traditions and most important of all, one’s own personal value system.

Some of you might be astonished to see what all you can get in your life. Luxuries, gifts, perks, comforts etc. can fill your life. Due to this unexpected surge of comforts in your life, you might become over confident that you can anyway get anything you want or those others crave for is easily got by you. This will only induce more and more crave and this cycle will not stop until you would have turned into an embodiment of craving. Do not let this happen.

On the other hand, for those who are not that fortunate, Rahu can test your craving to the limit. He can show you all false ways by which you can easily reach your goals. These goals start initially as humble ones and later due to dissatisfaction and frustration, can turn into complicated ego based goals. Due to false prestige, you may end up in loss of all the fortune you could have otherwise had in your safe reach.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 3rd house. This is a good time to build good amount of future karma so you can later reap some rewards for your own efforts. You will basically adorn a detached outlook. But this is a time when your friends and extended family will benefit from you. They can approach you for spiritual guidance. They might also participate in some philanthropic and religious festivities you organize. You will enjoy their company and you will command a great deal of respect from them all.

Your intuition can reach a whole new level. Due to this, your confidence too goes up very high. If you can channelize this towards your current existing problems, be it work or personal life, you can achieve great new insights into life. This will be an excellent time for people involved in counseling, neurosciences.

Finances shall also attain stability due to this transit of ketu. But as Rahu can keep pulling away from all achievements by inducing scorn and temptations, you need to discriminate well about what are your actual goals.

Ketu moving through the third house can lead to kind of multitasking. You need to keep communication live with persons who matters for your progress. Remain sympathetic about needs of sibling here. If you are spiritually inclined you may have some enthralling experiences here. Of course much depends on position of ruler of the third house.

libra Tula rasi predictions Libra (Thulam)

Now Rahu moves through the eighth house and Ketu through the second house.

Rahu can lead to inevitable loss here. This can be results of your past deeds having casual approach about your financial commitment earlier. Some health issue may trouble you. Take due remedial measures promptly to avoid complications. Here seems good time to follow your spiritual interest.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 8th house. This is a testing time. This is a time when you pay up your karmic debt. You will have to just yield to anything and everything that life commands. First and foremost area to get affected is your health. Some of you may have some surgeries to private parts or abdomen. Those who are already suffering from ailments should be very careful as things might worse.

Secondly, your spouse might develop distance from you. You may become lazy and you may seem like a person who has completely forgotten the responsibilities. This will make your spouse or living partner frustrated. So this will be a period of dissatisfaction for your spouse.

Some unfortunate events might invade your life. You may lose wealth, some of you might have to face litigation, and some of you may be out of job so on. Students may find it very difficult to concentrate. Distractions easily drift your intellect away and you may lose focus of life completely if not careful.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 2nd house. This is also a bad transit. This will bring a lot of stress in the family. Domestic harmony will be lacking very often. There can be heated arguments and a feeling to leave home and stay away from your immediate family.

Finances shall also become a big cause of worry. Income may not be sufficient for your expenses and hence, if there is no handsome saving, there can be a financial crisis due to shortage of funds.

Students will face problems in studies as they may lose interest in conventional academics. They may excel in Vedic literature or higher scientific research etc.

Ketu passes through the second house. This indicates that you are to remain in wanting to have huge notable monetary gains. Disturbances in family can concern you. Try to bridge gap and use your persuasion skill to maintain harmony in family. However, if ruler of the second house is in good position in natal chart, the damage is to be limited.

scorpio Virchigam rasi predictions Scorpio (Virchigam)

Ketu transits through your sign and Rahu through the seventh house, in opposition to your sign.

Rahu passing through the seventh house does not spell well for harmony in confirmed relationship. Married one needs to be more accommodative about view of partner for life, in order to maintain peace and harmony in marital life. On positive side, you may get timely help from a stranger here. If doing business in partnership, keep your partner in loop about developments on business front. This transit seems supportive for unmarried female to get married happily.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 7th house. This is good for some of you and not so good for others. For those who are not married, this can bring some wedding opportunities. Spouse will be from a totally different cultural background. So for traditional families, daughter in law or son in law will be of completely different upbringing and of very modern outlook.

For those who are already married, some marital discord is the result of this transit. Expect a lot of differences with spouse. You were different and you knew it too, but those sentiments due to which you had suppressed the dissatisfaction will now seem to have no effect. Consequently, you might come open with what you do not like and what you are irritated or frustrated about. There may not be heated arguments, but you will begin to show an indifference to the situation.

For some of you frustrated with the present marriage, extra-marital attractions are possible. Due to this, you may be lost in a new world of thoughts. But as Rahu is the one who is blessing you with all this diversion, you need to be extra careful as he doesn’t really want to give you anything in return. He just wants to spoil you and see how far you can team up with him. So we need to be very cautious to avoid repentance.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your own sign. So this can make you a completely detached and indifferent person. The world may see you as a wanderer. The immediate consequences shall be felt on the family. As the detachment does not come easily for anyone, Ketu will force it by bringing circumstances which leave us with no option then to become detached. So there can be hurt feelings, meaningless discussions, feeling of being deserted etc.

This transit can also affect the individual by making one weak physically. So constitution shall become weaker. Due to this, there may be diseases or disorders of the digestive tract. Due to this there can be fatigue and laziness too. Insomnia or over sleeping can also happen. Take care of your health.

Ketu here is to act as awakening call for you. Self-growth and your position on career front are to pinch you hard. You need to pay due attention in this regard for good. Pain in joint can trouble you. Apply effective external measure to subside the pain. You need to be careful about your health in general.

sagittarius Virchigam rasi predictions Sagittarius (Dhanus)

Ketu traverses through the 12th house and Rahu through the sixth house for your sign.

Rahu passing through the sixth house is to keep career oriented one assured about once position in the organization he/she is working for. Avoid useless tussles with people around you. There is a likelihood of monetary loss as result of past actions/deeds. Avoid major financial involvement here. If some health issue catches up with you, diagnosing the cause may become difficult.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 6th house. This will be an excellent period for you in many ways. You will destroy enemies and opposition. In almost every walk of life, you will emerge a winner. This will bring a lot of confidence to you. On the flip side, there could be overconfidence and your enemies might be camouflages. So you might be fooled by their tactics too. So stay alert always.

Rahu brings wealth too. So financial stability shall improve. Foreign lands, litigation can bring you money. Social life shall also see exotic people and you may be hanging out with foreign nationals in the most happening places.

Rahu may bring some surgeries to stomach or belly. But your overall health too shall improve. There can be some diseases which will be tough to be diagnosed in the beginning and later will turn out to be a big threat. So take care of your health.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 12th house. In this house, he truly awakens spirituality in you. This will be a time when your devotion towards the supreme shall reach new highs. You will also be blessed with divine intuition that supports you in every walk of life. Some of you might develop interest in mantra, yantra and tantra. Some of you might spend a lot on religious rituals and pilgrimages.

Expenses shall be there and quite huge ones. Many of them shall be related to religion and festivities. Finances shall cause problems due to spending.

Health needs caution. Ketu might bring down your immunity and sustenance levels and some of you might experience strange disorders of the digestive tract. So take care. Ketu in the 12th house is believed to support salvation. In other words you may get rid of all that is unwarranted, undesirable things and relationship as well. This can be painful at times, not physically but on emotion plane. Single may face hindrances in enjoying pleasures of physical intimacy to fullest. Married one may at discomfort about bedroom activities for strange reason.

capricorn Makaram rasi predictions Capricorn (Makara)

Ketu now makes move through the eleventh house and Rahu passes through the fifth house.

Rahu passing through the fifth house is to tempt you to take risk to earn more money. You need to refrain from speculation oriented activities. If Moon or Venus is being involved, you may get into undesirable relationship. Take due care on this count. Student doing graduation in science or technology related subject is to make satisfactory progress here.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 5th house. This transit has two faces to it. On one hand, it will keep you away from your children, for those with children. Due to this, there will be a warmer side of you emerging that pampers your children all the more in whatever limited time and resources available to you.

People in creative fields shall reach new levels of popularity due to exceptional show of talent. But that will have its impact on relationships and family life. Short term relationships can come in plenty in numbers but none of them can be real ones. All might be with vested interests or due to your soaring popularity. Once the popularity drops, so will all the relationships.

Finances will be very hard to be gained. Some of your investments might now go waste. Some of you might be cheated in investments. So know what you are committing to.

Creativity reaches new highs. But the creativity shall be with things related to the material world. Spirituality shall have very less place in your creative mind now. Even if the creative ideas were to be based on traditional values, there can be a manipulation of the basic spirit of the saga.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 11th house. This is an excellent transit. This shall bring you new groups of intellectual beings. Unlike Rahu who will keep us fully occupied, Ketu is no attention monger or entertainer. Hence, though being in groups and though being among people, there will always be a comfortable level of detachment which will be entwined with all the activities.

There shall be financial gains from religious sources. There will be recognition too from philanthropy, philosophy and spiritual pursuits. Even a great deal of wish fulfillment shall come from these people. So take times to make a list of wishes which have been buried within. Bring them out and make people know about them. The almighty shall bless you with a fulfillment.

Ketu in the eleventh house is considered good for sudden gains. Winning a lottery has a strong possibility here. You may not be comfortable dealing with ones in close relationship. There is a likelihood of some old relationship fading for a logical reason. A kind of mix results for you here.

aquarius Kumbha rasi predictions Aquarius (Kumbha)

For you Rahu is to transit through the fourth house and Ketu in the tenth house.

If you incline to relocate, Rahu is to help your cause here. This also suggests supportive time for owing a house. Rahu here does not sound well for your health in general. If you are troubled by irregularity in blood pressure, you need to remain much careful about it. You need to have regular check up to become aware about variations.

Results of transit of Rahu

From the axis of romantic interests and platonic friendships, Rahu and ketu now shift axis to house and career. Rahu occupies your house of immobile property, vehicles, heart, mother, travels, education and house of residence. He affects all these areas of your life in a negative way. So you may land in troubles regarding assets or you may enter into some fraudulent transactions if you are not careful. Your mother’s health might bother you. You may experience some distance either physically or mentally from your mother. You will be mostly forced to stay away from your favorite place of rest and retreat. You will be stressed due to short and useless journeys.

On the other hand, those who seek travel will have an excellent time. They may travel to exotic locations and enjoy luxurious hotels and food. There might be foreign travel for some of you. You may send your mom on a foreign tour too. Houses may get renovated in a very trendy way. Some of you may relocate to foreign countries or too far away places. Some of you may buy an imported vehicle.

There could be some surgery to abdominal parts. Mother might have surgery too. Some students might secure admission to foreign universities. Some others might lose interest in studies. Some of you may have a lot of house parties with a lot of exotic food and drink and rich and diverse people.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 10th house. This is the house of exaltation of your ascendant lord. Ketu is actually strong here. So he gives you very significant professional enhancement. There will be rewards and recognition for you. You will be looked up as a leader who is wise and righteous. Your spiritual side will get appreciated. There will be a lot of support from subordinates.

For some of you, there may be a forced change of job. The good things in the new job may not be apparent right away. But over a period of time, you will realize you are really better now. There will of course be a lot of demand from work.

Some of you may have to take some long journeys. It could be on job travel, relocation not necessarily to a foreign land, or it could be a lot of pilgrimage tours. You could make it a point to visit a nearby temple in every new place you travel. Or it could happen by itself. Short term courses, crash courses are favored. Through all the happiness and happenings, you could stay detached from it all. So you could really experience higher levels of spiritual awakening or understanding.

Ketu now moving through the tenth house for your sign is indicative of not being comfortable with position in career/occupation. You may feel like changing the assignment. However, position of other planets need to be taken into consideration, if opt for a change. You may be not comfortable with your immediate boss or you may be at discomfort handling the task, you are entrusted with.

Pisces Meena rasi predictions Pisces (Meena)

Rahu is to make move through the third house and Ketu in the ninth house for your sign.

Rahu traversing through the third house does not spell well for your sibling and relationship with sibling. Rahu here prompt professional and business person to take risk if needed to enhance prospects in general. Short term travel can bear encouraging results for professional and business person. If Rahu afflicts your natal Sun or Moon, some health issue may catch up with you.

Results of transit of Rahu

Rahu transits your 3rd house. This is an excellent transit. By this there will be a great amount of socializing. You will enjoy a lot of good times with siblings. There will be a lot of parties, tours, get-togethers and going out and spending time with the extended family. This seems like fun on one hand, but there will be some unwanted people you may have to entertain. You might get brainwashed in certain circumstances by these very people which you might realize and regret later.

Those who do not have the real family living close by; can have the same good times with colleagues from various cultures. This could influence your lifestyle in a great way. So you may adopt some non-traditional food and dressing habits.

Your confidence will reach new higher levels. Due to this you may try some very unconventional things. Some of those things for which you were never bold enough earlier can now be attempted by you. Things like new adventures, sports, new friendships, flirting all these could grab your fancy. Your friends and extended family might itself force some changes in you.

Due to all these, your health and body may get strained. But you may take it with a pinch of salt and start a new exercise routine. Take care of your health.There might be surgeries to chest area. Some of your co-born might undergo a surgery too. Finances might also be stable but expenses are certainly there.

Results of transit of Ketu

Ketu transits your 9th house. This is a testing time in many ways. You may be away from your father. There might be some kind of emotional distance or physical separation from your father or elders and preceptors. But this is a type of raj yoga. This is a great transit for spiritual pursuit and progress. You will be blessed with fortune all things related to spiritual upliftment.

Materially this can be a testing time. Things like wealth, travel, money, success, fame etc. may not reach you as per your expectation. You may feel you are being deprived of all the things you deserve. You may also feel you are only receiving things which are below for the extent of rewards for your efforts. But you will realize that you are only receiving things in a different way. When you look at things from other’s perspective, you will realize that you have in fact been rewarded in disguise. Others can see what you are but you may feel estranged. So keep talking to others to ascertain how blessed you are.

This is a wonderful opportunity to build good karma for future of this life or future lives too, if you are a believer in that. In this period, if you do one good karma, you can reap infinite benefits. Hence, try to take the best advantage of this period. All those deeds of philanthropy, pilgrimage, worship anything that you had ever wished to do but had contemplated about the authenticity or truth now is the time to just adopt a firm stand and go ahead and do it. Never doubt the cycle of fate. Good shall never result in bad, bad shall never result in good.

Ketu moves through the ninth house for your sign. The ninth house is linked with luck, fortune among other things. This transit of Ketu may not work well for married one. If other planets are also indicative this transit may lead to separation. Ketu here is to act as obstructive force for your progress. Some kind of setback may be experienced. Try to avoid taking major decision in occupation related matter here.

Useful Remedies for minimizing Malefic effect of Rahu and Ketu

General Remedies for malefic effect of Rahu

One facing obstacles while moving on road to success, having a healthy financial position and issue in personal life. You need to perform due ritual to get rid of malefic effects and march on road to peace and prosperity. Support of Rahu can also help you in moving ahead on spiritual path.

Mantra for Rahu

Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahway Namah

Lord Shiva has control over Rahu. Viewing this performing abhishek over Shiva ling regularly is to help in calming nerves and opens door to prosperity. Recite Mantra “ Om Namah Shivaaya” during Abhishek.


Donate sesames (Till), Edible oil, Black colored blanket and blue colored cloth. Give it to either a needy person or in Shiva Temple. Do this on Wednesday and Saturday.

Optional Remedies
  • Wear silver as a chain or way suitable to you.
  • Feed serve a Black dog.
  • Pay homage to lord Bhairav and Lord Shiva by visiting regularly temple.
  • Worship Lord Shiva
  • Wear a fully energized 8 Mukhi Rudraksha
  • Astro Advice for Rahu Yantra
  • Betterment in health conditions
  • Protection from negative influence in life.
  • Supportive for spiritual development
  • Healthy financial position
  • Peace of mind and harmony in personal life.

General Remedies for malefic affect of Ketu

Ketu is measured as planet of denial. Meaning you are to remain wanting about things linked with sign and house Ketu is placed or traversing through.

Mantra for Ketu

“Om Stram Streem Stroum Sah Ketwaye Namah”

Lord Ganesha has capacity to get rid of negative vibes of Ketu and also provide you with right direction to follow. Worship of Lord Ganesha is a must curb evil designs of Ketu.


Donate seven kind of Grain, Nariyal (Coconut) and Ash colored cloth.

Optional Remedies

  • Observe a Fast on Thursday
  • Worship Lord Ganesha
  • Wear a fully energized 9 Mukhi Rudraksha
  • Donate multi colored Blanket on Saturday
  • Astro Advice for Ketu Yantra


Relief from unsteady conditions in career, getting right direction to follow, Peace of mind and prosperity, Spiritual growth

Important Rahu / Ketu Temples

Thirunageswaram: (Tamilnadu / Kumbakonam)

The king of the nagas, Rahu prayed to Lord Siva and hence this place got the name Thirunageswaram. Here Rahu Bhagavan has manifested with both his consorts. At this sthala, the colour of milk changes from white to blue during Abhishekam. On 16.2.86, a snake had shed off its outer skin on Rahu Bhagavan, which is preserved and worshipped to date.

Kukke Subramanya: (Karanataka)

Kukke subramanya is located in the small, rural village of Subramanya in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India, about 105 km from Mangalore. This temple is one of the famous pilgrimage sites in India. Here the God Subrahmanya is worshipped for his divine power as a snake as the epics relate that the divine serpent Vasuki and other snakes found safety under God Subrahmanya.This temple wards of evil effects of Mars conjoined Rahu/Ketu in 1,2,4,5,7,8,12 houses.

Mannarshala Temple: (Kerala / Haripad)

This is the Largest Snake Temple in Kerala Located 32 Kms South Of Alappuzha, Kerala dedicated to Nagaraja. It is reputed for having 30,000 images of snake-gods and the temple is more than 6000 years and the temple is consecrated by Lord Parashurama .The deity Nagaraja is believed to be a combination of the potency of Ananta ( the snake on which Vishnu lies) and Vasuki (the snake round Shiva’s neck). Various poojas are done here to ward the effect of Rahu Ketu Dosham.

Kalahasthi: (Andhra / Near Tirupathi)

This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Siva is one of the panchabhootha stalams (temples celebrating Lord Siva as the embodiment of the primary elements), air being the element in case here vayu lingam, Sri Kalahasthi Temple is in fact considered as the Kailash of the south or Dakshin Kailash.Special poojas are done here to ward the effect of Rahu Ketu Dosham.

Nagerkoil: (Tamilnadu / Kanyakumari)

The Main deity of the temple is Nagaraj, he is a Swayambu Murthi (self-born).This is the only temple to have the snake as the main deity. This is another very important temple for rahu/ketu/sarpa dosha.

Thirupambaram: (Tamilnadu)

This Temple is situated in the route from kumbakonam to karaikal (peralam route. stop:Karkathi.

This temple was worshipped by Adisheshan and Nagaraj.The Main Deity is Sivan called Pambureshwar/Shesha preeswar and the shakthi is called Bhramarambikai.When Rahu/Ketu is conjoined Mars or in Mars house this is the right place to offer worship.

Thirumanachery: (Tamilnadu / Thiruvaroor)

This temple is in thiruvaroor district in mayurum Taluk.This is a sarpa dosha nivarti sthalam especially when Rahu/Ketu is in 7th or 5th house. It wards away problems in marriage and children. The Lord here is called udvakanathar and the Goddess Kokilavani.Rahu here is anugraha murthy ie., in a blessing posture.Worshiping Rahu with milk and offering Milk payasam(gruel) here on new Moondays wards of Sarpa dosha.

Peraiyoor: (Tamilnadu)

This Temple is situated 10 kms from pudukotai, the temple is called Girishetharam or Shenbagavanam.As Nagarajar worshiped here the Lord is known as Naganathaswamy and his consort is known as Bramarambikai.This temple is particulrly done when the affliction by Rahu ketu is conjoining Sun or is happening in Leo or in Suns Nakashatras.

Paamani: (Tamilnadu)

This Temple is situated in Thiruvaroor District near Mannarkudi.

This Temple was consecrated established and worshipped by Adiseshan in the form of dhananjaya muni .The main deity is called sarpapureeswar/naganathar the shakthi is amritha nayaki.

Nayanar Temple: (Tamilnadu / Ramanathapuram)

This Temple is situated in tamilnadu ramanathadistrict and is 8km from paramakudi.

Adisheshan and the 8 main Snake deities have worshipped in this temple. The Main deity is Called Naganathar and the shakthi Saundaranayaki.

Sirkalinageswarar Temple: (Tamilnadu / Mayuram)

This temple is in Mayuram. The lord here is called Nageswarar. To nullify sarpa dosha one should stay a whole day in the temple and attend all the poojas. The specialty of the temple is one can do the poojas individually.

Kodakanallur: (Tamilnadu / Tirunelvelli)

This temple was earlier called Kargotaka Shetram. Kargotakan is one of the 8 main divine snakes.Kargotakan got release from the sin of kiling king parikshit (Arjunas grandson) in this temple only. The Lord here is called Kailasanathar and his consort Sivakami.This temple is specially visited when Rahu Ketu is in 2/8 houses.

Sreekarakathu Perumal: (Tamilnadu / Kanchipuram)

This is a parigarasthalam when Rahu Ketu is afflicted in Mithuna/Kanya or with Mercury or in Mercury Stars.


This temple is situated in the Kudavasal to Nanilam Route.Both Rahu Ketu appear in one stone here.Abishekam and worship done here neutralizes Sarpadosham.

Thirunagai Karonam: (Tamilnadu / Nagapatinam)

This temple has the unique merit of having the King Of serpents Adiseshan conferring his blessings here.The Lord here is called Kayaroganeshawar and his Shakti Neelayadakshi.Another specialty of this temple is all the nine planets will be facing the main deity in 3 rows.

Rameswaram: (Tamilnadu)

A huge temple known for its towers and its longest ornate corridor worldwide, its origins date back to the days of the epics. It is a piligrimage center of nationwide importance, as Rama is said to have worshipped Shiva here on his way back from SriLanka. The temple is in the island of Rameswaram the Banares of the South , connected to the mainland by a bridge. The deity here constitutes one of the 12 Jyotirlingams of India,negative effects of Rahu Situated in the 5th or 9th house causing putra or pitru dosha is warded of here.

Keelperumpallam: (Tamilnadu / Near Mayuram)

This is the only temple exclusively to ward away the negative effects caused by Ketu ,it is a Ketu Sthalam temple.The lord here is called Naganathar and the Goddess soundarya devi.The divine serpent Vasuki had done intense worship to the lord here as he was the cause of Lord Shiva drinking the Halahala poison.Evil effect of Ketu in 2nd or 8th is warded of here.

Chitragupta Temple: (Tamilnadu / Kanchipuram)

This is a temple for Chitra Gupta the divine accountant. As Ketu overlord or Adidevata is Chitragupta prayers offered to him ward of the dosha caused by Ketu .Chidambaram and Thiruvannammalai in Tamilnadu are the other temples were Chitra Gupta can be worshipped.When Ketu is in the 2nd Chitra Guptan is to be appeased.

Brahma Temples:

Worshiping Lord Brahma the Overlord or Adidevata of Ketu Thirukandiyur (Thanjavur to Thiruvaiyarur route),Makudiswarar temple (Kodumudi near Erode) Uthamar Temple & Prachandar Temple(Tiruchi) wards of the negative effects caused by Ketu especially when he is in the 5th delaying or causing problems regarding children

Adiseshan Consecrated Temples

The Temples worshipped by The Great Divine Serpent Adiseshan Neutralizes Rahu Ketu ill effects.

  1. Thirukalampudur:(situated in the Kumbakonam Thiruvarur route)
  2. Nagapatinam:(Neeladakshi temple in Nagapatinam/Tamilnadu)
  3. Keevalur:(situated in the nagapatinam thiruvarur route)
  4. Kumbakonam:(Thirunageswarar temple in Kumbakonam/Tamilnadu)
  5. Thiruvedakam:(situated in the Madurai Solavandan route)
  6. Palaiyaarai:(Somaswar temple near Pateeswaram/Tamilnadu)
  7. Valuvoor:Mayurum to thiruvarur route
  8. Thiruvalanchuli(Kumbakonam/Tamilnadu)
  9. Thirupananthal:(situated in the Kumbakonam Mayurum route)

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