Jupiter Transit or Guru Peyarchi (2019 - 2020)

From 5th November 2019 - 20th November 2020

By – R K Eashvara Pillai -www.astroapollo.net


The ruler of all planets and Gods is Jupiter. Astrologically, the planet is also known as called "The Greater Benefic", in opposition to Saturn. He is the guardian and protector of all living beings. As per the Hindu mythology, Jupiter is the planet of learning and is revered as the teacher, hence is known as the Guru Graha, or Guru or Brahashpati. The planet is associated with Thursday, which is 'Guruwaar' in Hindi. Jupiter assigns high ideals, sense of purpose and ideals of joy in life. It determines the path of life, the nature of an individual and their level of optimism.

Astrological Importance

Jupiter or the Guru Graha holds its astrological importance in connection with growth principles, prosperity, expansion and exceptional fortune. It is also said to govern travels, education, faith and legal matters. Guru Graha is also in semblance with the urge for exploration and freedom, and humanitarian and protective roles.

The color associated with the planet is yellow, and the gemstone associated is Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj.

Among all the nine planets in our solar system, Jupiter is the largest one. It is astrologically interpreted as a planet of education, wisdom, happiness and knowledge. In Vedic astrology, favorably-placed Jupiter in the horoscope of the native can bless him/her with abundant knowledge, fortune and high moral values. It is also considered an auspicious planet having the power to keep malefic effects of other bad planets in check.

Jupiter planet might be frail when it is debilitated, retrograde, malefic, present in unpropitious houses, powerless in Shadbal, etc. Every one of these conditions educates us concerning a planet’s state in a horoscope. At the point when a planet is feeble, its promising impacts in a Kundali are limited. Such a planet is unfit to give propitious outcomes to the Native.

Guru Dosha Meaning

The meaning of Guru Dosha is that an individual's Jupiter is weak. Despite its positive impacts and benign nature, a weak Jupiter can cause Guru Dosha, which may lead to issues with respect to prosperity, knowledge, expenses, fight, selfishness, educational hurdles, and lack of harmony in and around the individual. Guru Dosha tends to affect law, economics, religion, banking, philosophy, and general conduct of an individual too.

Guru Dosha is also likely malefic results for people if He is seated with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in the natal chart.

Guru Graha is also associated with thyroid gland, throat, neck, jaws and mouth. Guru Dosha is likely to cause complications like cough, colds, hearing problems, ear infection, sore throat or laryngitis and other throat infections.

What is Guru Mahadasha?

Guru Mahadasha is the period in one's life when Guru Graha is nearest to the Nakshatra in which an individual is born. The effect it distributed throughout a person's life, and its quality and relative benevolence of each period is dependent on the condition and position of that planet in the natal chart.

God Associated and Guru DoshaNivaran Puja:

Jupiter is the Guru or teacher of all planets, hence the Guru of Gods, Brahashpati is revered to calm down the negative effects of Jupiter.

Lord Shiva being the God of Gods and the all-knowing Guru is known to rule Guru Graha. Worshipping lord Shiva reduces the malefic results of weak Jupiter.

Guru DoshaNivaran Puja service includes the prayer to Lord Shiva and the reverent teachers or Gurus of individuals. To calm an afflicted Jupiter, one must conduct Guru DoshaNivaran Puja and should donate bananas, yellow clothes, salt, sugar, turmeric, kesar, yellow flowers and food to Brahmins.

Jupiter Temples

Jupiter in Capricorn Aquarius Leo: Pray to Lord Shiva
Jupiter in Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces: Pray to MahaVisnu
Jupiter in Aries, Scorpio: Pray to Lord Subramanya
Jupiter in Cancer: Shakthi All Godheads Saints Rishis Saints Come under Jupiter the best examples will be Saibaba, Raghavendra, Kanchiparamacharyaetc',. Praying to them give good relief
Adidevatha/Overlord: Lord Brahma
Prathadidevatha/Tutelarylord: Prajapathi Dakshinamurthy is the latest aspect of Jupiter

Major Jupiter Temples

1. ThiruThenkudiThittai(Tanjore,Tamilnadu)

2. Alangudi(Kumbakonam ,Tamilnadu)

3. Thiruchendoor(Tuticorin,Tamilnadu)

4. Guruvayoor(Kerala)

General Predictions

Jupiter stays in one Rashi (sign) for about a year. Jupiter is a heavy planet and whiles the transits of Mercury, Venus or the Sun, being about a month in each sign, are Jupiter stays for a long period in each sign and this entitled him to greater importance and weightage. When Jupiter during his transit aspects any planet, he excites the good influences of that planet which he aspects from his transiting position. For example suppose the natives’ ascendant is Scorpio and the Sun is the lord of the tenth house in Pisces. Then when Jupiter transits Cancer or Scorpio, he will be fully aspecting the radical Sun; or when Jupiter actually transits Pisces he will pass over the radical Sun and excite the solar influences and the native would benefit in respect of all matters governed by the Sun., i.e. the tenth house affairs, because the Sun in our example is the lord of the tenth house and all matters for which the Sun is a Karaka. So judge Jupiter’s transit in relation to other planets also.

The effects of Jupiter’s transit through the various house as counted for the Janma – Rashi will be as follows:

  1. Fear of unfavorable circumstances. In western astrology Jupiter by transit over the radical Moon is considered good. Not so in Hindu astrology;
  2. Gain of money and commodities
  3. Fear, sickness
  4. Loss of money, fear;
  5. Gain, happiness;
  6. Sickness, distress
  7. Respect, happiness;
  8. Adversity, troubles, both physical and mental;
  9. Happiness, enhanced prestige, respect from others;
  10. Humility, i.e. loss of respect;
  11. Happiness, gain of money
  12. Sickness, fear.

Thus, Jupiter gives good result in 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11 houses from natal moon.

Jupiter is the greatest benefic in the astrological hierarchy (1300 earths can be fit into Jupiter) & his transit is indeed very important to the astrological fraternity. As he is the planet of Wealth, his transits can make or break you. He also represents children and happiness from progeny also depends on his favorable or unfavorable stance.

Jupiter (Guru) Transit in 2019 and 2020

Benevolent and great cohesive force Jupiter enters own sign that dual nature last of fire sign Sagittarius on 5th November 2019, 06:42 am. From March 30th, 2020 Jupiter enters last of earth sign Capricorn. From June 30th 2020 Jupiter moving in retrograde mode again enters own sign Sagittarius. From November 20th 2020 Jupiter again enters last of earth of earth sign Capricorn.

Sagittarius tends to be optimistic even when things are not moving favorably. Movement of Jupiter in own sign is supportive for acquiring spiritual knowledge. Sagittarius is about knowledge and basic education. Movement of Jupiter transit in own sign Sagittarius is supportive for moving on the path of spirituality. However, malefic Ketu also transiting in Sagittarius is to present an unexpected result for growth.

aries mesa rasi predictions Aries (Mesha )

For Aries natives, Jupiter will transit in the 9th house in its own sign Sagittarius. This will be auspicious for Aries natives. You are likely to visit a religious shrine or be inclined towards organizing a religious function. Besides, you are likely to travel to a foreign country. However, you may face a few hindrances in your travel. The equation between you and your father may get more cordial, as per Jupiter transit 2019 predictions.

You will enjoy good health and see yourself progress in life. You will be filled with energy & enthusiasm. Students will progress in education and curricular activities. Your performance at workplace will get better. You may also get influenced by spirituality. You will be at ease and without worry, according to Jupiter transit 2019.

Jupiter rules the ninth house and also holds portfolio of the 12th house. Jupiter moving through the ninth house, linked with luck in general is indicative of progressive and prosperous time beginning for you. Some new opportunity may come up. However, positive results from the coming opportunity may get delayed. You need to keep your cool and have patience on your side. Increase inflow of money for you is foreseen for you. Things are to start moving favorably when Jupiter again enters own sign from June 30th 2020. Progressive forces are to work effectively. Efforts put up by you earlier are to start bearing encouraging results.

Taurus Rishaba rasi predictions Taurus (Rishaba)

The transit of Jupiter in the 8th house for Taurus natives will give moderate results. You may suffer from gastric issues. However, if you are a heart patient, you are likely to recover from an illness. You will feel satisfied with your work professionally. You will also make financial gains. You may spend some quality time with your partners. You may cut down on your expenses, in accordance with Jupiter transit 2019.

If you are planning to buy a new house or vehicle, you will be able to do the same. The equation between you and your mother is going to Improve. You may gain by inheritance of ancestral property. You will find in you a personality change, for the better. You will be more polite and humble while dealing with strangers.

Jupiter rules the eighth and the eleventh house for your sign. Jupiter moves through the eighth house for your sign. If you are inclined towards spirituality and eager to learn about spiritual practices, now seems good supportive time to satisfy your thirst to learn more about spirituality. You may not be in much comfortable position on financial front. Do not opt to take loan from financial institutions for development or buy a landed property to stay peacefully. You need to plan your priority about spending money. On occupational front you have to exert more and try to put that extra effort to achieve desired level of progress in your pursuit. You need to remain much careful about health.

gemini Mithuna rasi predictions Gemini (Mithuna)

Jupiter will transit in the 7th house which is its governing place for the people born under the Gemini sign. You will get to spend quality time with your partner and resolve prevailing differences. Besides, you will make some steadfast decisions in order to secure your future in the coming phase. You will maintain a healthy equation with your superiors at work.

You may get rewards and recognition. Even business owners will enjoy a cordial relationship with their partners. If you are planning marriage, you are likely to get engaged or may even get married during this transit. You will enjoy good health and will recover from an ailment. If you are appearing for a competitive exam, you will be satisfied with your performance. 

The seventh and the tenth house are ruled by Jupiter. The seventh house is about confirmed relationship like life partner and business partner if any and your day to day activities. The tenth house is about occupation profession. Jupiter moves through the seventh house. This movement of Jupiter does not spell well for you in matter related to marital life. Things are not to work well for you in this regard. No major monetary gain is envisaged here. You are able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably. No major expense is to be incurred by you. On occupational or professional front you need to exert more and accept new challenges willingly to move ahead on road to progress. Job holder is to find it difficult to perform effectively regularly.

canser katakam, karka rasi predictions Cancer (Katakam)

Jupiter will transit in the 6th house for the people born under Cancer sign. This may turn out to be a mixed bag scenario for Cancer natives. You will get to follow your schedule without any disruption. But you are advised to be careful from competitors. You may find it difficult to pay off your debts on time. However, on the positive side, you may get an opportunity for a better job.

If you are planning to go overseas, your efforts will pay off. You will need to take due care that you do not suffer because of your laziness. Even business owners will see progress in their profession. You will spend quality time with your family members and loved ones. You will save a good amount of money for a rainy day.

The sixth house related to adversity in general is ruled by Jupiter for your sign. Jupiter also holds important portfolio of the ninth house for your sign. Jupiter moves through the sixth house in company of wily Saturn and malefic Ketu. Career oriented has to exert more and put up improved performance to keep his/her position secured. Professional is to feel happy with increase in inflow of money. You are to remain in a healthy financial position. Expenses are likely to increase here. You need to execute due caution while spending money. Refrain from taking major decision related to finance during retrogression of Jupiter. Married one needs to take care about sensibilities of life partner to maintain warmth and harmony in marital life.

leo simha rasi predictions Leo (Simha )

Jupiter will transit in the 5th house for the natives of Leo sign. This position indicates positivity and prosperity in professional matters. You will successfully treat your gastric problem during this transit. Students will be able to concentrate on their studies. If you have been facing mental stress due to some issue, you will overcome it. You will have better sleep.

You may even get a promotion at work. You will be rewarded for your hard work. You will meet influential people in your area of work. You may be inclined towards spirituality & religion.

Jupiter rules the fifth house and also holds portfolio of the eighth house for your sign. Jupiter transiting in Sagittarius moves through the fifth house for your sign. If you are spiritually inclined this movement of Jupiter through the fifth house is supportive to make further progress on road to spirituality. You need to read standard books to get your basics right. On occupational front it is time for revival and make desired level of progress in your pursuit. This indicates beginning of progressive and prosperous times for you. You need to take due care when embarking on a short term travel. You are to need more money for further development in your pursuit. You need to exert more and remain motivated to make encouraging progress.

virgo kanya rasi predictions Virgo (Kanya)

Jupiter will transit in the 4th house for the natives of Virgo sign. This phase may not be favorable for you. You may develop differences with your mother. You will face disappointments as you may not get the expected cooperation from some people. But at the same time, your career or business will make good progress.

You will try to bring out your hidden talents and spare more time for the same. Besides, you may move towards spirituality. You will also reap monetary benefits from your in-laws. On the downside, you may want to maintain a distance from everyone and stay aloof. This may even impact your married life and you may find a romantic atmosphere at home. You may not be able to control your expenses.

The fourth and the seventh house are ruled by Jupiter for your sign. Jupiter moves through the fourth house for your sign. Things are likely to start moving favorably on occupational front. Some domestic matter is to need your attention. Movement of Jupiter is to work well for you on health front. Married one needs to avoid conflict with life partner and agree with life partner in matters related to household. Your expenses are to increase. You need to keep effective check on unwarranted expenses and remain concerned about saving money for future needs. You are to remain in a healthy financial position. You are able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably.

libra Tula rasi predictions Libra (Thulam)

Jupiter will transit in the 3rd house for natives of Libra sign. This may not be favorable to you. This house stands for hard work and determination. You may change your decisions frequently. This may delay the results and you may not get what you want. Your bonding with younger siblings may continue to be strong. You will also enjoy good bonding with your spouse. However, you may also fight with your neighbors over petty issues.

In business, you will cooperate with your partners more than before. As for employees, your superiors will go easy on you. Besides, you may get a visa to visit your foreign country.

Jupiter does not rule any auspicious house for your sign. The third and the sixth house are ruled by Jupiter for your sign. Jupiter now moves through the third house for your sign. Your social circle is to expand here. Some meaningful and some not closely connected. You need to remain concerned about your personal life. Business person has to exert more to keep the show run satisfactorily. Job holder may be entrusted with a task to work upon based outstation. Successful handling the task is to enhance prospects of job holder getting better placed coupled with hike in remuneration. You are to remain in a healthy position on financial front. Job holder incline to change may now start looking for optional employment opportunity with better prospects. In regard to health some viral infection may catch up with you. Take due precautionary measures to protect from viral infection.

scorpio Virchigam rasi predictions Scorpio (Virchigam)

Jupiter will transit in the 2nd house for the natives of Scorpio sign. This position will benefit you in financial matters. You will get good money as luck will favour you. You may even get unexpected financial benefits. Besides, you will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere at home. You will be able to concentrate on your business or career.

If you are a salaried employee, you may bag promotion. You will enjoy a great equation with your subordinates and superiors. You will be able to clear all your debts. Your equation with your father will get better. You will also recover from a long-standing illness.

Jupiter holds portfolio of two important houses, the second the fifth house. Jupiter moves through the second house for your sign. This movement of Jupiter through the second house is to work well to increase inflow of money for you. At the same time family related expenses are to increase. You may need to increase provision for family. Couple eager to have a child is to be favored by this movement of Jupiter. Business person is to prosper here by striking good profitable deals. Job holder is to feel happy with future growth prospects to look encouraging. However, job holder needs to improve performance and give more output by performing effectively. Some major change seems to be in offing. No major health is to trouble you here.

sagittarius Virchigam rasi predictions Sagittarius (Dhanus)

your business will flourish. You are likely to get a visa if you have applied for one. All in all, you should stay attentive to your financial planning & commitments.

Jupiter rules your sign, hence the movement of Jupiter through own sign carries more importance for you. Your days of hardship experienced by you lately seem coming to end. On occupational front during this movement of Jupiter leads to new beginning for you here. Professional is to get right platform to showcase his/her ability here. Business person is able to strike good profitable deal frequently. You are able to prove your resourcefulness. Inflow of money stands to increase. You are doing job or being a professional, it is time for you to learn few things to establish your credential as a versatile person. Some major change for good is in offing here. You are to remain in a comfortable position on financial front. Progressive forces are to work effectively.

capricorn Makaram rasi predictions Capricorn (Makara)

Jupiter will transit in your 12th house for those of you who are born under the Capricorn sign. The happenings will be average. On the bright side, you will be in a better position to buy a vehicle, house or even a shop. You will reap financial benefits by renting out one of your property. You may get a chance to travel abroad.

You may get inclined towards spirituality and even spend a good amount of money in related areas. However, you are advised to take due care before making any financial commitment or you may end being sued for the same.

Jupiter does not own any auspicious house for your sign. The third and the 12th house are ruled by Jupiter. The 12th house is about expenses and loss among other things. Jupiter moves through the 12th house for your sign. This movement of Jupiter does not sound a happy proposition for you. Do not take undue risk to push ahead your prospects on financial front. Else you can incur loss on financial front. Job holder needs to aim at putting up improved performance and remain prepared to work for extended hours. Business person dealing either in import or export may need to go abroad to finalize a big ticket deal. You need to keep effective check on unwarranted expenses to remain in a healthy financial position.

aquarius Kumbha rasi predictions Aquarius (Kumbha)

The transiting Jupiter will move in the 11th house for the people who are born under Aquarius sign. You will enjoy a good time with your loved one, whether you are married or otherwise. You will take important decisions, with utmost confidence and receive desired success in career, business or even on the personal front.

Your income may increase, which will add to your wealth. Besides, you may also enjoy a great equation with your siblings and seek their affection & support. If you are suffering from stomach ailments, you are more likely to recover.

The second house is ruled by Jupiter and also holds the portfolio of the eleventh house for your sign. Viewing this, movement of Jupiter carries more importance for you in regard to matters related finance. Jupiter moves through the eleventh house about gains and fulfillment of wish. If you are looking for opportunity to gain monetarily, this movement of Jupiter is to present encouraging opportunity to have handsome monetary gain. The gain here adds more strength to your position on financial front. For your long time held wish to be fulfilled, period from July 2020 seems supportive in this regard. No major health issue is to cause concern to you. Progressive forces are to keep working effectively.

Pisces Meena rasi predictions Pisces (Meena)

The transiting Jupiter will be moving over your 10th house. This is considered to be Jupiter’s own house. Your bond with your family members will get very strong. On the financial front, your standing is likely to improve. You will be able to pay off your debts.

Besides, if your mother has been suffering from an illness, she is more likely to recover. On the work front, your subordinates will be more cooperative. You will meet deadlines and set an example for others. If you compromise with a competitor or a rival, you will get better results.

Jupiter is the ruler of your sign and also holds important portfolio of the tenth house for your sign. Viewing this, movement of Jupiter carries more importance for you. Jupiter moves through the tenth house for your sign. If you have been feeling uncomfortable lately on occupational front, things are to start moving favorably for your now. Business person is able to strike good profitable deals frequently. Positive influence of Jupiter over the second house linked with finance mainly is to protect your financial interest and also enhance your prospects on financial front. You are to remain in a healthy financial position. Job holder is to remain under pressure from immediate boss to improve performance and hurry up things. Progressive forces are to keep working effectively

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