|| NilanOct samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam chaya martand sambhutam tam namami shainshcharam ||
I worship the Blue Eyed Lord Saturn who is the Son of Sun, The elder brother of Yama, born to Chaya and Martand (Sun).

Saturn stays in a sign for approximately 2.5 years. This time on November 2, 2014 at about 16:09 hours Saturn moves out of LIBRA to enter the next sign SCORPIO.

Movement of planets in the birth-chart has a direct effect on the life of every person. It’s not only these planetary positions that affect our lives, but also the Peyarchi of these planets causes impact on our life cycle. Peyarchi brings changes to every part of our life; be it career, love, family, finance or health. If mythological readings are to be believed, Peyarchi represents current positions of the planets. Though every planet affects in one way or the other, but among them, Saturn is the most influential one. Malefic effect of Saturn results in difficult life, miseries, and sorrows. Such an individual faces failures and losses, and is harmed emotionally as well.

The most beautiful planet is also the most powerful when it comes to giving the results of Transit.

The Event:

Saturn leaves Thula (Libra) on November 2, 2014 at about 16:09 hours if we use True Lahiri Ayanamsha and 19:24 if we use Traditional Lahiri. It is a Sunday.

Saturn enters the next Sign Vrischika (Scorpio) to stay there for a period of 2.5 years approximately. Saturn leaves Libra the sign of his exaltation – Saturn loves to be in Thula Rasi and then enters the next sign Vrischika (Scorpio) a sign that is ruled by Mars. Mars and Saturn relationship is not good. Therefore in general for the world at large this is not a welcome transit. However individual results will vary based on several other factors.

Validity period: From November 2, 2014 to Oct 26, 2017. So the next transit of Saturn after this one will be on Oct 26, 2017.

When does Sade-Sati EXACTLY start for each one of you?

The date of transit is a universal phenomenon. It applies to all people. However that does not mean that Sade-Sati or 7.5 years Saturn phase starts on the same date. The starting date and ending date of Sade-Sati or 7.5 years Saturn phase most of the time does not coincide with the date of transit. It will be true to only those who have their MOON right in the middle of their sign which is 15 degrees in any sign. If your Moon is away from this point which is the middle point of a Sign then you need to adjust the starting and ending date of the effect of Transit Saturn.

Why is Saturn so important?

Saturn is the most powerful of all planets when it comes to the effects of Transit. In terms of strength, Sun is the most powerful and is immediately followed by Saturn. All other planets come behind Saturn in terms of strength. So either way Saturn is a strong planet.

Another reason is Saturn is like the policeman or your teacher in school. Teachers are soft and good to good students and tough and rude to bad students. However the toughness is displayed with a particular motive – to make the bad students good. Similarly a policeman is supposed to protect the good from the bad. This is what Saturn does to all humans’ beings.

The cause of problem is the student and the teacher is not the cause. Similarly, it is your own Karma and your habits that determine how Saturn is going to be in your case.

What you need to know about any Transit.

Many people ask me “Am I having a Saturn Transit”? Is it happening for me? Transit means a planet moves from one sign to another. So it affects all people in the world regardless of the fact whether they believe in Astrology or not. You need to find out for whom the transit is favorable and unfavorable. Once you know that you can take advantage of the information in your own way.

Transit dates are not that important. It is important to certain people. For example in India, diviners (temple people) perform puja whenever a major planet like Jupiter or Saturn move from one signs to the next. It is an even like a new Prime Minister or President takes over on a particular date. But the effect of the new President taking over varies from person to person or department to department. So do not waste your time on discussions regarding the date of transit unless you have a great deal of time to waste.

When does the Saturn Transit really affect you?

To find this out you need to find out which Degree Moon occupies in the Sign in your Horoscope. If the degree of the Moon is exactly 15 degrees then the effect will start for you from day 1 of the Transit. If there is a deviation then the effect will start either earlier or later than the date of transit. This is a very interesting fact each one of you must be aware.

How is my time? Why I cannot feel the effects of the promised Raja Yoga of my chart?

A Raja Yoga in general is a planetary placement that is capable of conferring a King-like status and time (Please keep in mind that kingly should be read in context of current day scenario and your own present condition, area of work and life chances. Over expectation is the real kill joy!) Many times, I hear individuals lamenting on similar lines as give above. This generally happens when the transits of the heavy weight planets are overlooked. For sake of simplicity, the time/phase of life of an individual can be classified in these four combinations:

Jupiter is Good in Transit, Saturn is Bad- Time is Average Jupiter is Bad in Transit, Saturn is Good- Time is Average Jupiter is good in Transit, Saturn is good- Time is excellent. For some, it could be the golden period of life provided, the major period and sub-period are also beneficial. Jupiter is Bad in Transit, Saturn is Bad- Very Bad time, in some cases both plot together to bring the downfall of the individual.

Who will gain maximum from this Transit?

Kanya Rasi (Virgo) -From November 2, 2014 to Oct 26, 2017

Good News. Saturn moves into the 3rd house a very favorable house for Saturn Transit. This transit marks the end of 7.5 years Saturn phase also known as Sade-Sati. You have been waiting for this for 7.5 years. Now you will feel very strong and optimistic. Many new opportunities will come knocking on your doors.

Makara Rasi (Capricorn) -From November 2, 2014 to Oct 26, 2017

Saturn moves into your 11th house a very favorable house for Saturn Transit. The 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires, the house of gains, something that is strongly related to the material world and ambitions in life.

Mithuna Rasi (Gemini) -From November 2, 2014 to Oct 26, 2017

Saturn moves into the 6th house very favorable house for Saturn Transit. The 6th house is a bad house. In a way this transit means the end of bad things in your life. The 6th house deals with debts, disease and enemies. When Saturn enters this house in transit it means it will destroy debts, disease and enemies in your life.

Who will gain moderately from this Transit?

Meena Rasi (Pisces) -From November 2, 2014 to Oct 26, 2017

Saturn moves out of the challenging 8th house. When Saturn moves in the 8th house Saturn gives so many challenges in life. So you should be glad that Saturn moves out of the 8th house during this period. Is it not good news that the bad is over?

The Moon Signs under pressure

Dhanus Rasi (Sagittarius)

This transit marks the beginning of 7.5 years Saturn phase also known as Sade-Sati. It does not mean that everything is bad during this period. Just that you will feel like you are driving in the night. It is not as easy as driving in daylight. So switch on the headlights and try high beam. The headlights are remedies that are related to Saturn.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)

With this transit, Saturn enters your Moon Sign. Confusions will be predominant. Challenges may increase. This is the middle part of the 7.5 years Saturn phase. You may have to check your dasha and bhukti to get more information about yourself which is available in your horoscope. Remember, transit predictions are more general while information that is available in your horoscope is very specific.

Thula Rasi (Libra)

There are 2 points. You are in still in the Sade-Sati (7.5 years Saturn phase). The 2nd point is that you have reached the last 1/3rd of Sade-Sati. Saturn moving out of your Moon sign is by itself a good news. Sade-Sati ends on Oct 26, 2017. A little more to go, considering time flies at top speed these days. Moreover the effect will start tapering down. The lessons you have learned in this period will start paying the dividends.

Mesha Rasi (Aries)

Saturn moves into the 8th house. This is called Ashtama Sani. This is a strongly challenging period. If you are above 50 then you need to focus more on your health. If health problems exist already, you need a thorough check up. You may get hurt in the legs especially the foot region. If you are having trouble with the organs of your body below the navel and above the hip region, then the problems may escalate. Those suffering from piles may have to see a doctor.

What if Saturn is my friend?

Many people think that transit Saturn is not going to be a testing time for them because they assume that Saturn according to their horoscope is a friendly planet. Let me tell you that there is no difference. Whether Saturn is your friendly planet or an inimical planet as per your horoscope you will still feel the heat during a challenging Saturn phase.

When an examination is conducted everyone has a higher level of stress. Even if the referee is your friend, when it comes to a game the referee will do his job. Saturn is a neutral coach or master when it comes to transit.

For example people who are born in Vrishabha Lagna and Thula Lagna or Kumbha Lagna have Saturn as their main friendly planet. So some these people wrongly think that Transit Saturn will not affect them. Some have Saturn exalted in their horoscope and some have Saturn in their own house in their horoscope. All that is not going to help in transit.

signs under Sade Sathi/ Saturn Cycle and Dhaiyya in 2014 2015 2016

SignSaturn TransitComments
Sagittarius12th to Moon SignStart of Sade Sathi
ScorpioIn the Moon SignMid Part of Sade Sathi
Libra2nd to Moon SignLast Part of Sade Sathi
Leo4th to Moon SignKantak Shani/ Dhaiyya
Aries8th to the Moon SignAshtam Shani/ Dhaiyya

It’s a tough Saturn Transit for Aries since Saturn moves in the 8th house. This transit of Saturn is referred to as Ashtama Sani and the feature of this transit is delays and disappointments. You must try to finish all unfinished tasks before 02nd November 2014. This is the time for looking inward, making realistic goals and targets and curbing unnecessary expenditure. Try to regulate your life to combat lethargy. This is also the time to take care of health. Ensure that you have your regular checkup. You may suffer from slow metabolism, pain in the back, knees and area below the knees. Because Aries is the sign of energy this restrictive influence of Saturn may cause an imbalance in your Biorhythm cycle. This transit gives the message to turn inwards and being patient. Elderly natives will require medical attention. There might be an unwanted relocation or travel that makes you stay away from loved ones.

Relationships, particularly with your higher ups will strain. Even your social relationships might be disturbed. There might be unwarranted and uncalled for disputes or litigations with respect to properties. You may have to compromise on your rights in your own properties. Some will have to run for the help of law enforcing agencies like the police. Still, justice will be at a faraway distance and you will have to walk miles ahead to make people listen to your grievances.

There will be situations when you will have to have greater health concerns. Normal health will be affected. Even there might be nothing. But you will have a frightening situation that your concerns will be serious and in the end of the day, you will find that you are not in the risk. But, before coming to this conclusion or medical opinion, you may have spent a good lot of money. Anyway, a caution is necessary in health care matters.

If you are having any new business idea or new venture, this is not the right time for it. It is better that you postpone your proposals until 2017 end. In most cases, it will not be wise to contemplate or propose a marriage during this time. Some will have opportunities to travel abroad - but under threat and in a state of distressed mind.

Remedies for Aries during Saturn Transit 2014

Chant Mantra for good health and protection : Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Every Saturday visit Shri Shani Temple and offer til oil (sesame seed oil) after archana and pooja.

Saturn shall enter the 7th house in this transit. The 7th house stands for travel and interpersonal relationships. An average transit that might test the fiber of your interpersonal relationships. Be cautious in your dealings and be wary of enemies who might be looking for an opportunity to tarnish your reputation. The key is to be gentle, rational and objective in your relationships and sometimes even compromise to save a good relationship. Those looking to establish foreign connect and contacts for business etc. will be successful. Prerequisite is hard work and focus.

Now there is a slight shift in the way things happen. For some, the health of the spouse would be affected. For some there may be some kind of a romantic experience. Beware; there is always a risk for your reputation and fame in any kind of romantic relationship. This time it appears that it will be kind of being below your status and dignity. It will help you great, if you can keep yourself away from such attractions.

Some will have a compelling reason to travel abroad. Your career will corner you with some situation that going abroad is a must. But at home, the situation will be altogether different. At home you will have every reason to remain at home and take care of things. Or there might be emotional bindings that prevent you from going abroad. You will be caught between the two diagonally opposite considerations.

Finally, your career will mean your survival and you will have to take up the journey with rather a heavy heart. Some will have reasons to be scared of the long hands of the law and law enforcing agencies. Even some might seek legal remedy to bail out from the hands of law. All these put together will create a sense of fear about the security of job.

With almost nothing faulty at your hands, you will have to be mulling over all these unwarranted worries.

Finances will be decaying and you might have to struggle for money at times. There will be displeasure and disharmony within the family. In some cases, there might even be kind of separations. It will be difficult to convince the whole of the family of your fair dealings. There might be apprehensions and mutual grievances within the family.

You will need a good deal of tolerance and endurance to handle the kindling family situations. With all the practical difficulties, your passage of time during the next two and half years will be calm and partially gratifying.

Remedies for Taurus during Saturn Transit 2014

Eligible natives should wear for best benefits Blue Sappier gem stone. No remedies are required unless you are running an adverse major/ sub period.

Saturn moves into the 6th position for Gemini. The 6th house is considered an inauspicious house that basically represents delays, diseases, debts and enemies. The Transit of Saturn through the 6th house is considered to be a powerful transit. You can expect resolution of long standing problems, removal of fear and obstacles and destruction of diseases, debts and enemies. With the Jupiter transit also in favour this is the time to dream big and implement big. The time for listlessness is over and you are blessed with new opportunities, wealth, success and recognition. Make the best use of this opportunity.

This is time all that good in life are bound to happen. Almost, the next two and half years are going to be colorful. Sani Bhagawan coming into the 6th house is going to bless you with all the happiness and prosperity. If any promotion in career is due, you can be certain that you get it - mostly in the first one year period, when Guru Bhagawan is also in the 2nd house. Your appraisal ratings and annual benefits will normally be above your expectations.

Business or Profession will flourish with exceptionally good performance and results.

Financial benefits will good and your efforts will be rewarding. You can have adequate surplus to be able to invest in new properties. This is high time when you can venture into new business activities. Litigations, arbitrations or mediations that may be pending or ongoing, are very likely to be decided in your favor during this period of time. Marriages or other Subha Karya, which were long due, will materialize and the family as a whole will be happy about the happenings in the family.

Family will normally be in a festive mood. A foreign tour will come your way at an unexpected point of time. Your travel abroad will be beneficial and profit making.

If you are working, an opportunity for on-site deputation is very likely during this time period. In the overall, this period of time when Sani is in Viruchiga Rasi, will be a period of breeze and happiness.

Remedies for Gemini during Saturn Transit 2014

Eligible natives should wear a for best benefits. No remedies are required unless you are running an adverse major/ sub period.

Saturn moves in the 5th position for you in this transit. The 5th house controls progeny/ children, higher education and spirituality etc. You may face anxious moments related to children, their education or yours. Those who are planning to do higher studies may find lack of concentration or encounter circumstances that may delay their objective for a higher qualification. Those involved in the inner search of truth will be rewarded. There is a definite improvement in finance / control of expenditure. It is advisable to avoid litigation at all costs.

The main relief you are now going to have is from the Arthashtama Sani. When Sani was in your 4th place, it was called Arthashtama Sani. This ought to have had half the effect of Ashtama Sani period, which is considered to be most vicious of all Sani transits. You might have dream about change of job or at least a change of location. But never in the past 3 years, would it have been possible. Even it could have had some impact on your health also.

All that is going to change now. By the time, this prediction is published; several Kadaga Rasi people would have felt the warmth of having been relieved from the crux of Arthashtama Sani. Things would have started showing signs of improvement.

A change in the career path appears possible with this Sani Peyarchi. You can see some improvement in your financial well-being. There will be increased income and there will be some added credibility associated with your performance in your work place. There is also the other side of the coin.

Some will have to separate from the family on account of career.

Sani Baghwan in the 5th house may render parental ill health. Either the father or mother or maybe a grandfather or grandmother might suffer some health problems.

In some cases, a deep concern about the children and their health might make the nights sleepless. There will be unwanted and avoidable expenses. In some cases, a dispute may arise in respect of ancestral properties or properties acquired by parents.

With all these, the overall experience of this Sani Peyarchi will be felt as a good relief from the bitterness of the past.

Remedies for Cancer during Saturn Transit 2014

No remedies are required unless you are running an adverse major/ sub period.

Saturn moves to the 4th position for Simham. This in general is a tough transit and is referred to as the Kantaka Sani. The 4th house represents home, security, fixed assets, repair, renovation and relocation. Perhaps this is the most challenging time for you financially. Fund sources dry up and circumstances become such that you are forced to take debt. Avoid all grandiose plans and stick to the routine. You may end up with a loan that you cannot service. Disappointment in interpersonal relationships is also foreseen. Also be diplomatic at work place because a temporary period of unemployment is foreseen. Drive slowly and lock your door behind you.

The one thing that can come out during this period is a stalemate in the progress in the career growth. For many, this will not allow the desired changes in their career path. For some, it might be locational disadvantage. For some others, it might hold the incumbent tightly without a room to even make an attempt for a change in career.

The saddening part of it is that, even in the existing place, it might not allow your remuneration commensurate to your qualification, experience or your other merits.

There will be paper bound appreciations in an attempt to keep you cool. But in terms of actual benefits, there will be nothing worth mentioning. If you try out beyond all this to escape to a convenient job outside, a threat to impair your future will stall your efforts. There will be other constraints within the family. There are probabilities that your own health, or the health of your kith and kin, in particular the health or other well-being of your mother will cause you some anxiety.

There will be strange constraints. You might appear to get some opportunities abroad or on-site opportunities. But these opportunities will come at a time when you are totally uncomfortable to travel abroad, in view of your family conditions or your own health concerns.

It is better to be under comfortable insurance coverage to meet the medical expenses. There are chances that you might get involved with or without your conscious consent, in some dispute in which you will be made the center of the problem, though you have done nothing to attract such a bad name. Some will have a compelling time with law enforcing agencies or might get involved in some kind of a legal dispute. Wherever you smell a problem, it is good that you refrain from the scene.

Remedies for Simham during Saturn Transit 2014

Every Saturday visit Shri Sani Temple. After darshan, sit in the temple for 5-10 minutes. After coming out from temple feed bread/ biscuits to stray dogs.

Its comeback time for Kaniya. Saturn moves in to the 3rd position that represents courage, initiative vitality. This Saturn transit ends your 7 and half year Saturn cycle and with Jupiter Transit also in your favour you are poised to take off. Long standing disputes with siblings will get resolved. There is a fresh breath of energy and your work and contribution gets recognized. There is a definite financial growth. Victory in litigation is also foreseen.

Pending litigation or arbitration or mediation if any, is going to be decided in your favor.

Some will have opportunity - if at all your living environment permits - and if you are also fond of - to acquire some animal assets like a milking cow. You will also be able to save substantial savings and will be able to make a good fortune. If you have been in debts in the past, this is period when you will discharge your liabilities and come out worry free.

Some will have opportunities to travel abroad on an on-site opportunity and stay there for little longer years and thus will be able to make some substantial savings. If you are planning to buy a house or a flat, this is high time you invest into fixed assets. This is a period which will provide for lasting and consistent wealth accumulation.

The friends and relatives who left you and did not turn up to your side, will return now to re-establish their relationships. You will have to be cautious in selecting or accepting or setting aside such renewed relationships, since it will render mixed effects of good and bad. Do not entertain any financial commitment or guarantee for the faithful performance of any third party liability.

This will land you only in problems and reversion of your hard times. This is time for your opportunities and this is also the time for a cautious approach.

Remedies for Kanni in Saturn Transit 2014

Chant Mantra for good health and protection : Mahamrityunjaya Mantra No remedies are required. You can fortify the effects of Saturn by wearing a blue sappier after thorough examination of your horoscope.

Saturn moves in the 2nd position for Libra and these are the last 2.5 years of your Sade Sathi/ Saturn cycle. A Tough year as far as finances is concerned. You may feel restricted. Give attention to your speech lest you are misunderstood and it creates problems in interpersonal relationships subsequently. You may not enjoy food the way you used too. Health needs attention especially dental health and back.

Out of the 7-1/2 Years' Sani period, the Octma Sani period, which is considered to be ferocious is now over. Of course, the impact of 7-1/2 Years' Sani itself is not all that severe as in the case of other Rasis. Thulam is one of the Rasis, which is considered sympathetic to Sani Bhagawan. However, now it is the last of 7-1/2 Years' Sani period, called Pada Sani. The confusion of the Uchcha Sani (Exalted Sani) in Thula is now gone and the severely is going to be felt in further lighter vein.

Of course, financial strain is inevitable. Whatever is the money you are making, that will drain in no time? In other words, expenses will be awaiting before you receive your money. In several cases, you will have to manage a deficit financing and may have to raise loans to meet the expenses. In some cases, even the availability of funds on loan itself might become a problem. In one form or the other, you will have an inner feeling of insecurity of life or life's safety. Health may impair in some cases and associated medical expenses will add to your financial miseries.

Mother’s health might be affected in some cases. Some will have to separate from the family in distress and may have to travel to far away distances or even foreign countries. These travels will not be that much comfortable and happy. You will have to separate from the family with a heavy heart, carrying all the worries of the present and the future. Even in the new places, you will just be not yourself. You might not be able to think and decide things. You will be carried away by the sequence of events just without your conscience or control.

Exceptionally in some cases, there might be a division in the family. It may be an acute difference of opinion or it might be a physical bifurcation. Sani being in the 2nd house might affect the family status and such instances might take place. There might be an interruption in the Career or Education during this period. It is good to be psychologically prepared to withstand the adversities of life during this period.

Remedies for Thula in Saturn Transit 2014

Wear a blue sappier in the middle finger of right hand in silver after proper analysis of the birth horoscope. Every Saturday visit Shri Sani Temple and offer til oil after archana and pooja.

Saturn moves into your own sign and you are in the middle part of the Sade Sathi. This is the time for taking good care of health. You may suffer for acidity, lethargy, listlessness and lack of energy. You also need to guard against back injury/ aches and pain in legs, knees and feet. Relationship with siblings will be under duress and you may be anxious because of purchase/ investment in a fixed asset.

During last three years, it had been Sirasu Sani for you. That is - Sani was in your 12th house from your Rasi. This was the beginning of your tough time. Some might have sustained financial losses; some might have separated from the family; official relationships would have seen a never before adversity.

These were all the beginning of the tough time. Now Sani Bhagawan is very likely to touch your health. General medical expenses in the overall family would be far above the normal one. Physical and psychological strains of health concerns would be very much disturbing. If you have not separated from your family until now, you should feel happy about it. Pray Lord Sani Bhagawan that you do not have the turbulence of separation hereafter. There is every possibility until the entire 7-1/2 years' Sani period is over.

Unexpectedly, you will find your official relationships unbecoming. For no reason or for petty small issues, you will develop difference of opinion with your superiors and this may result in a change of location or lowering of responsibilities. Your personal respect will be very much vulnerable to suffer. You might be cutting a sorry figure for no fault of yours and even there might be chances that you are made a scape goat of others’ failures or faults.

You will find that one or more of your friends will be calm spectators of the injustice rendered to you and you will find yourself in a helpless situation. You may not feel the feat of Octma Sani during the first one year - but as the days pass on - you will feel the heat of it. Do not contemplate a change in job or business during this period. This is one of the unfavorable periods of time for any new venture.

Things may look like being favorable. But this is only apparent and the actual scenario will be something different, unless you are running a most favorable Maha Dasa period.

There will be kind of mediation or arbitration in respect of properties within the family. In most cases, it might not find a final conclusion and will drag for some time. If finalized during this period, it may not be favorable to your interests. Financially, this will be a tough period as has been said earlier. There will be compelling situations. where you will have to borrow money. It is advisable that you do not create any interest bearing liabilities. It will be difficult for you’re to discharge the liabilities with interest in time. Beware of damages due to fire or fire accidents.

Remedies for Viruchigam for Saturn Transit 2014

Chant Mantra for good health and protection: Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Every Saturday visit Shri Sani Temple. After darshan sit in the temple for 5-10 minutes. After coming out from temple feed bread/ biscuits to stray dogs.

Saturn moves into the 12th position for your rasi and this marks the start of Sade Sathi. The 12th house stands for expenditure, running pillar to post, anxiety and lack of rest. You need to be cautious in financial transactions and diplomatic in your speech. You shall go in for a period of unforeseen expenditure and that is likely to create stress on you. Relationships with siblings will be under strain. Avoid get rich quick schemes and making a big investment. Guard Against acidity, lethargy and lack of energy.

The period of (7-1/2 Years’) Sani - called Eazharai Aandu Sani in Tamil Astro terminologies - is beginning now. The first two and half years, when Sani is in Vrichiga Rasi, is called Sirasu Sani period.

This is the beginning of a tough time. Generally people are scared of 7-1/2 Years' Sani period. Of course, this period will give difficult times and tough experiences with all the financial stresses and losses. But this is not the worst scenario about Sani Bhagawan. This period will be tough but not damaging. This will give you experiences that will help you build your future. The difficulties will be multi-dimensional. They might even render some sleepless nights. On one side there will be financial losses and you might even find it difficult to manage your routine expenses. On the other side, your relationships both within the family and in the official circles will very much suffer.

You will suffer all kinds of back-biting. People, who appear to be friendly and cordial before you, will act in a most inimical manner in the back-drop. You might even be psychologically broken at the behavior of the people whom you trusted or relied. You will all the more suffer the character assassination. You will be blamed for no fault of yours. There might be brutal betrayal and even cheating from the people whom you loved most. You will suffer emotional damages. These are all not curses - but warnings so that you can be psychologically well prepared for the damages.

New social relationships and interactions with people far below your status might show up. You have to be choosy in your new friendships - otherwise, it will impair your personal dignity and image. Some will have relocation as a matter of punishment and some might even be degraded in their official responsibilities. Some might have to travel long distances and even abroad against your will.

You will find yourself helpless to save your face - being left unarmed and unsupported to defend your case. All that you can do is to remain unruffled, calm, pray God and be prepared to accept time as a passing cloud.

Remedies for Dhanusu for Saturn Transit 2014

Chant Mantra for good health and protection: Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Every Saturday visit Shri Sani Temple. After darshan sit in the temple for 5-10 minutes. After coming out from temple feed bread/ biscuits to stray dogs.

General Characteristics

Saturn who is also a ruler of your sign moves into the 11th position for you. This is a time of a major wish fulfillment, gain of wealth, better social network, and popularity. You can expect good health, wealth from multiple sources and energizing and invigorating interpersonal relationships. It’s time to set your foot on the accelerator and speed ahead.

This Sani Peyarchi is going to bring about cheers and happiness in the next two and half years. The main advantage of this Sani Peyarchi is, if your career had not been disturbed in the past 3 years, the job risk associated with 10th house Sani is gone. Even if you have suffered any set back in your career track during the past three years, this Sani Peyarchi will set right things.

You will get a promising job or an encouraging change in your career, an increase in your salary or remuneration and everything that is conducive to growth and prosperity are ahead now. People, who did not recognize your performance or contribution to work will now stop, listen to your performance and go. This will take you to new heights in your career tack. It will also bring in rewards and appreciation. There will be new recognition in the social life also. You will get into the company of new people who will work with you for mutual growth and prosperity. Business or Profession will thrive and bring in new and greater profits and as well happiness.

Some will have a pleasant opportunity to travel abroad and make some good fortunes.

Financial status will very much improve added with social credibility. There is going to be a new arrival in the family. You are going to have your child during this period - most probably during the first year of this Sani Peyarchi itself, since Guru is also moving into the 7th house.

Impending marriages will be finalized and you will enter into a happy married life. If you are expecting a Subha Karya to someone close to you in your family, it will also materialize and make you feel happy. In general, this Sani Peyarchi is going to bring about all round growth, prosperity and happiness in the family and it is going to keep you in your cheers during the next two and half years to come

Saturn moves in the 10th position for you in 2014. This is the time for professional change and professional challenges. You might light up a job opportunity/ position that put severe demands/ pressure on you. There will be professional developments but with delay. The time you usually would take to finish a task may extend causing frustration. Take good care of your health and avoid incurring unnecessary debt.

Sani Bhagawan is now coming into your 10th house. This is no good sign of any good period. Now you will have to undergo a testing time, when you will have a good lot of problems in your work place. You may be thinking that your performance is good or even as exceptional. Even some of your colleagues might applaud your performance.

In fact what is being observed from your work is not what you have done or how good you have done. The aspects that are being looked into without your knowledge are what are all you have missed to do or you were unable to do; and which single minor point in which you have committed an error or failed to comply with satisfactorily. All that you have done will now be a forgotten point. This is your status.

For everybody, a particular work would have been tumultuous and rather impossible. But, why you have not done it will be a big unanswered question. For some others, everything might to be running smooth. Something unprecedented will happen which will turn the whole situation upside down. All these things are heat markers aimed at displacing you from your job - or at least to lower your status and make you feel desperate to leave the job.

This period is that much tough to survive. Even there might be attempts to demoralize your credibility and distort your image. If you want to survive your times, you have to be exceptionally patient and try to sustain your position even if you are degraded. Character assassination might become the order of the day and your option is to tolerate it.

Bear in mind that this is only a passage of time, which will turn out to be good in just another two and half years. You have to survive. This should be your Taraq Mantra. Only then you can escape from the financial crisis.

Some will have health problems like gastritis and chest pain. Do not ignore. Consult the Doctor in time, to avoid complications.

Saturn moves into the 9th position for you in 2014. The 9th position is dawn of fate, long distance travel, higher ideals and refined spirituality. This is a time of refined spirituality. It is also the time to break free from pre conceived notions and assess circumstances/ people objectively. People who are orthodox/ religious might find it difficult to stick to a routine. This is the time to examine the philosophy of life. Unnecessary expenditure gets restricted and you might find a flash of creativity.

Now it is the turn of time, when you can breathe a sigh of relief from Ashtama Sani.

he past three years for many would have been turbulent. For the elderly it would have meant health problems and the youngsters might have suffered career and finance related problems. Not it is time for relief. An absolute relief from Ashtama Sani will keep you happy, while you will continue to have some hindrances in your efforts and ventures. Sani in the 9th place might hamper the progress in economic and academic growth.

A sudden rise or spurt in your economic freedom might raise many an eye-brows. The sudden spurt happens because of the relief from Ashtama Sani and the same might give rise to jealousy and unwarranted animosity within your close or known circles. There will be more number of people who envy your growth and prosperity which will bring in more number of invisible enemies.

This is time, when you have to avoid standing guarantee for any financial commitment or commitments’ as also for any other dealings in properties or liabilities. You will be conditioned by the circumstances where you cannot be your own. You have to be cautious about the circumstances which may lead to a situation that your decisions or actions are controlled from outside. You should take care to avoid such circumstances; otherwise, you will stand as the victim of the situation and will become the subject matter of criticism. Your finances and family relationships will be comfortable so long as you do not subject yourself to conditions of the situation.

The precaution shall rest only on your hands. For some, this time will provide the impetus for a foreign travel, which will elevate your economic wellbeing and growth. For some others, this period will provide for a foreign travel on account of higher education. But you have to exercise caution in your choice of education or area of education, since Karya Hani is one aspect envisaged by Sani in the 9th house, where the objective of the journey might be defeated - to avoid which, you have to be cautious.

In general, finances will be good and there are also chances that you might acquire some property during this time period. In general this Sani Peyarchi will bring about fortunes.

Remedies for Pisces in Saturn Transit 2014

No remedies are required unless undergoing an adverse major period/ Sub period.

A small prayer for you, which you should also recite for yourself, your loved ones and the whole universe
Sarve bhavantu sukhinah = may all be happy
Sarve santu niramayah = may all be free from disease
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu = may all see good and auspicious in everything.
Ma kaschit duhkha bhaag bhaveet - may none be unhappy or in distress
Om shantih, shantih, shantih -Om peace, peace, peace!


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